Salman Khan's Friend, Vindu Reveals The Former Still Runs On The Pocket Money From Dad, Salim Khan

Vindu Dara Singh revealed some unheard anecdotes about Salman Khan and stated that the actor still gets pocket money from his dad, Salim Khan.


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Salman Khan's Friend, Vindu Reveals The Former Still Runs On The Pocket Money From Dad, Salim Khan

Salman Khan is one of the much-loved actors in Bollywood. He never skips a chance to win the hearts of his fans, courtesy of his good looks, amazing personality, acting chops, and more. Hailed as the 'Bhaijaan' of Bollywood, Salman is an actor, who, times and again, proved that his heart is made of gold. And yet the same happened, as Salman's friend, Vindu Dara Singh revealed some unheard anecdote about him. 

Vindu Dara Singh says, Salman Khan 'eats like a pig and exercises like a dog'

Vindu Dara Singh recently sat for an interview with Siddharth Kanan, wherein he revealed some unheard anecdotes about Salman Khan. Vindu stated that Salman mentioned that he started to work out only after watching the former's physique. Vindu also added that Salman used to overdo exercising and also approached food in a similar way. Vindu can be quoted as saying:

"Salman used to mention that he began exercising more after seeing my physique, and my response was always that he was overdoing it. He approaches food in a similar manner. He eats like a pig and exercises like a dog.”

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Salman Khan used to donate the pocket money his father, Salim Khan used to give him

Going further in the interview, Salman Khan's friend, Vindu Dara Singh, shared that Salman Khan's father, Salim Khan, used to give the actor pocket money, which he used to donate, be it Rs. 50,000 or Rs. 1 lakh. He also added that Salman donates an amount of Rs. 25-30 lakh every month till date. Vindu also stated that Salman Khan still runs on pocket money that his father gives to his helper every day. Vindu can be quoted as saying:

"His father used to give him money every day. He would hand over the money to Salman’s helper, Nadeem. What expenses does Salman have, after all? So, whatever his father gave him, be it Rs 50,000 or Rs 1 lakh, he would donate it to the poor. And the blessings of such acts are with him even today."

salman khan salim khan

Salman Khan still runs on the pocket money his father, Salim Khan gives him

For those who don't know, Salman Khan reportedly has never had any liquid cash with him to date. However, in the same interview, Vindu mentioned that Salman has a blank card and he doesn't need much money. He also added that Salman Khan's cash is managed by his new helper, as the actor has appointed his ex-helper, Nadeem, as the head of another company. Vindu also mentioned that Salman has helped a lot of poor people. He stated that even before the actor launched his clothing line, Being Human, he used to help people, and he has always been helpful. Vindu can be quoted as saying:

"Salman has a blank card. He never has money because he doesn’t need it. Now, instead of Nadeem, whom Salman appointed as the head of some other company, another guy handles the money he gets. I can’t even imagine how many poor people he has helped with this money. The Being Human organization came much later, but he has always been like this, very helping.”

salman khan

Salman Khan and Salim Khan

Salman Khan used to get whacked by his dad, Salim Khan

Earlier, on the podcast Timeout with Ankit, Salman's brother, Arbaaz Khan revealed some cutesy deets about their childhood. Arbaaz mentioned that between him, Sohail, and Salman, the latter was older as well as naughty. He also added that as Salman was a brat while growing up, he used to get yelled at and whacked by their dad, Salim Khan. 

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Salman and Arbaaz

Sharing a funny incident, Arbaaz mentioned that once Salim Khan took Salman to a trapeze show at the circus, and the latter tried to do some stunts at a nearby building with a rod while returning from the show, which caused the Tiger 3 actor to break his hand. However, after returning home, Salman showed his broken hand to his brothers in the hope of getting some sympathy, but he got beaten by their dad on the contrary.

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