Romantic Getaway To Varkala Beach


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Romantic Getaway To Varkala Beach

In the beautiful cliffs surrounded with water, you and your partner are sitting close to each other and seeing the slow sunset. Doesn’t it all appear really romantic? Well your visit to Varkala beach makes you experience all of this. Read to find more about this place.

Situated in South Kerala at North end border of Trivandrum District, Varkala is one of the most famous beach destinations in India. The main beach of Varkala is Papanasam beach. This place is a perfect gateway for the couples and the newlyweds.

Peaceful Atmosphere: Surrounded with cliffs adjacent to Arabian Sea, Varkala beach is meant for those looking to soak in the rays and rejuvenate. Secluded from the city, the place has a peaceful atmosphere which is just perfect for a new romance to blossom. Sitting at the beach, the couples can enjoy the fresh water spring from the cliff.

Picturesque Sight: Varkala beach is known for its striking beauty. The cliffs and the water give an exotic ambience to this place and make it a picture-perfect sight. There are chains of shops, beach shacks, coconut palms, guest houses, ayurvedic massage and therapies to relax and rejuvenate for the couples.

Healing Touch: There is a popular religious belief that taking bath in Papanasam beach wipes away all your sins. ‘Papanasam’, itself means destruction of sins. So, if we go by this, this is a perfect place to start your new married life on a more pure note. Next to Papanasam beach, there is another small beach in far North, for more secluded and personal space.

Breath-Taking Sunset: The most romantic aspect of this beach is the uninterrupted, dramatic sunset. Nothing can beat the pleasure of sitting with your partner in a beach shack and enjoying the sun moving its way down the horizon. The sunset is the major highlight of the beach.

The Best time to visit the place is between December-March and usually the temperature is dry and sunny.


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