Remo D'souza Fulfils Wife Lizelle's 'Cheat Day' Wish To Have Sweet Parantha But With A Twist [VIDEO]

Remo D'souza shared a video, where we can see him making a parantha for Lizelle with a glass instead of belan and the song, 'Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka', playing in the background.


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Remo D'souza Fulfils Wife Lizelle's 'Cheat Day' Wish To Have Sweet Parantha But With A Twist [VIDEO]

While the lockdown has taught us how to be self-reliant, more cautious about our health, social distancing and whatnot, quarantine came as a reminder in every household that the chores need to be divided and the workload must be shared. Speaking specifically about dividing the household chores, men have taken an effort to help the women in the house with the work and some have gone an extra mile to fulfil their wife's demands. Choreographer-cum-director, Remo D'souza donned a chef's hat on his wife, Lizelle Remo D'souza's wish. (Also Read: Anurag Kashyap Shuts Down Troll Who Mocked His Unsuccessful Marriages With Aarti And Kalki Koechlin)

Did you know Remo D'souza was the pioneer of 'missed call romance' and it was Lizelle Remo D'souza, who had proposed to the man she loved with a ring in a champagne bottle? Once on Dance India Dance, Grandmaster Mithun Da had revealed the same and had said, "Let me tell everybody that Master Remo was the pioneer of 'missed call romance'. He used to give 100 missed calls every day on Lizelle's phone." To which, Remo had justified, "Dada, those were the days when I was struggling to find my feet in the industry and cell phone calls were rupees 16 a minute."

Remo D'souza and Mithun Da

It has been more than two decades since Remo D'souza and Lizelle Remo D'souza had tied the knot but the romance and the spark in their relationship is still kept alive by the lovebirds. Even today, Remo takes an extra effort to fulfil his wife's wish and a proof of it was shared by him on IG reel. Sharing a video from their kitchen, where we can see Remo making a parantha for Lizelle with a glass instead of belan and the song, Acha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka, playing in the background, Remo wrote, "When wife demands “sweet paratha” on a cheat day “fir belan mile ya na mile banana tho padega “ @lizelleremodsouza." To the video, Lizelle commented, "That’s why I love u sooooooo much u are my genie."



On April 2, 2020, Remo D'souza had turned 46 and his wife, Lizelle Remo D'souza had recalled how 21 years of knowing and loving him has been the same. In her heartfelt post, which included some lovely pictures and a couple dance video, Lizelle had reminded Remo that he is a diamond and no one can break him. Lizelle had written, "Happy birthday @remodsouza I am out of words for you.... you have received all the blessings and wishes from all over the world ..... all I want to say to you is my day starts with you ends with you .. you the first thing on my mind and the last ... 21 years of knowing and loving you ... it’s been the same ... your are an inspiration to millions on this earth but you are our universe ... God bless you and may you always shine brighter and brighter let no one take your shine away ... remember you are a diamond no one can break you .. happy birthday." (Also Read: Ankur Rathee Of 'Four More Shots Please' Gets Engaged To Girlfriend Anuja Joshi, Shares Proposal Pic)



It was on October 5, 2019, when Remo D'souza and Lizelle Remo D'souza had completed two decades of married life. Sharing some lovely moments with his wife, Lizelle, Remo had thanked her for being by his side in their roller-coaster journey. He had written, "Happy anniversary to my soul mate @lizelleremodsouza :) we have come a long way (#20yrs), they say marriages are like a roller coaster ride, up, down round and round, but we enjoyed this ride together and ready to ride till the end with you by my side. Thank you for being there always:) I love you :) #happy20thanniversary." Here's one picture from the lot that Remo had shared:

Remo D'souza and Lizelle Remo D'souza

On the other hand, Lizelle Remo D'souza had penned a long note for her husband, Remo D'souza on their 20th wedding anniversary. Revealing how they get normal in half n hour after their fight, Lizelle had written, "Happy 20th love phewwwwww hahahahhahaha 20 is like the new 70 hhahahhahahahaha they say "The couples that are ‘meant to be’ are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they and we both have come the longest way... from the time we get up to we sleep to I cry till I laugh till my tummy hurts with ur cartoon behaviour, from the moment u get up and find me sleeping on the couch and u wondering what the hell did u do, from you at time’s being a super man and the time I give u one look which I don’t know what it is and u become puss in boots, we fight like bas next minute we will never look at each other and in half and hour u go all normal I love you my cranky, funky, handsome, hardworking, most simple and most moody the side only which I have seen luv u my pillar, my best friend, my luv. Let’s rock it today." (Also Read: Ravi Dubey And Sargun Mehta's Crazy Moves On 'Main Tera Boyfriend' Are Unmissable [Video Inside])

Remo D'souza and Lizelle Remo D'souza

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