Ram Navami At Ayodhya Witnesses A Special Illumination From Ram Lalla's 75 MM Long Surya 'Tilak'

As Ram Navami is being celebrated after 500 years at the birthplace of Lord Ram, a mystical illumination was witnessed from his idol's forehead, that was unmissable.


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Ram Navami At Ayodhya Witnesses A Special Illumination From Ram Lalla's 75 MM Long Surya 'Tilak'

The inauguration of Ayodhya's Ram mandir on January 23, 2024, was one of the most auspicious festivals in India for the year. It was attended by millions of devotees from around the world. It is dedicated to the birthplace of Lord Rama, who is the seventh avatar of God Vishnu. Thus, we can clearly understand the enormity of the Ram Navami celebration of 2024. People have been impatiently waiting for April 17, 2024, which marked the celebration of the sacred Hindu festival, Ram Navami. It is almost after 500 years that the day is yet again celebrated at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Shringar rituals being followed for Ram Lalla on the auspicious day of his birth

Henceforth, from morning onwards, pujaris began decking up Ram Lalla in the most astonishing way. He was seen to be bathed in tones of milk, chandan, and other essential elements and then dressed up in a royal avatar. For the day, Ram Lalla can be seen being decked up in yellow-hued ensembles alongside gold abhushans, including mukut, necklaces, and more adorned with precious gemstones. Indeed, one look at Ram Lalla simply mesmerising the soul of every Shree Ram devotee.

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An unmissable five-minute illumination was witnessed from Ram Lalla's forehead during Surya tilak on Ram Navami

Following this, Sanatanis witnessed a mystical moment at around 12:16 pm in the afternoon, at the Ayodhya temple. It was during the Surya Abhishek ceremony when Ram Lalla was intended to be adorned with a "Surya Tilak", and that is when sunlight directly illuminated his forehead. As a result, it felt like a beam of light coming out from the same place. The celestial event lasted for precisely four to five minutes and formed a 75 mm tilak on Ram Lalla's forehead. It happened due to a scientific reason of placing the mirror in such a way that the reflection makes it appear as if the illumination is occurring from Ram Lalla's forehead.

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Special arrangements for Ram Navami at Ayodhya Ram mandir

Every year since today, Ram Navami will be celebrated at the Ayodhya mandir and people would be able to witness the mystical moment for just a few minutes. Thus, we can easily understand the huge number of devotees gracing the birthplace of Lord Ram today, and for the same, tight security measures have been implemented. Amidst all the special arrangements, Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust had announced a major decision in favour of the general public. The trust confirmed that no VIPs would be entertained on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, and they urged the delegates to visit the temple after April 19, 2024, as they would be unable to handle them amidst the massive crowd.

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Ayodhya Ram mandir reportedly received 1,11,111 kgs of laddoos as prasad from Devraha Hans Baba Trust

After a wait of over 500 years, Lord Ram's birth celebration is finally held at his birthplace, which is why this year's Ram Navami is special for every Sanatani out there. According to a previous report in The Times Of India, Devraha Hans Baba Trust reportedly delivered 1,11,111 kgs of laddoos as prasad to Ayodhya Ram mandir. For the unversed, from Kashi Vishwanath Temple to Tirupati Balaji Temple, the trust has a long history of sending prasad to renowned Hindu temples across the country.

Well, we are mesmerised by the opportunity to virtually witness Ram Lalla's five-minute Surya tilak on Ram Navami. What about you? Let us know!

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