BB14: Rakhi Sawant's Ex-Abhishek Awasthi Reacts On Her Claim That He Cheated On Her Multiple Times

While Rakhi Sawant claimed that her ex-boyfriend, Abhishek Awasthi cheated on her multiple times with a friend. Abhishek has reacted on the same as his wife, Ankita Goswami is upset!


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BB14: Rakhi Sawant's Ex-Abhishek Awasthi Reacts On Her Claim That He Cheated On Her Multiple Times

Rakhi Sawant is no doubt a true entertainer as she is bindass and muhfatt. However, sometimes, she just forgets to draw the line and goes past the point of entertainment. She had entered the reality show, Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger and has become one of the strongest contestants of the show. While earlier, her statements were all about fun, now, she has started demeaning people. She is often heard talking about her mystery husband, Ritesh and has been making some startling revelations about him. However, in the same, she also dragged her ex-boyfriend, Abhishek Awasty and talked about their breakup on national television again. (Also Read: Asim Riaz Helps Himanshi Khurana With Her Hair, Walks Hand-In-Hand, Fans Say 'Ye Hota Hai Pyaar')

It’s been over a decade to Rakhi Sawant and Abhishek Awasthi’s ugly breakup. After their breakup, Abhishek had moved on and had tied the knot with Ankita Goswami. While the two were living their happy life separately, Rakhi recently revealed the ugly details of her breakup with Abhishek on the reality show. In a conversation with Rahul Vaidya, Rakhi said that Abhishek cheated on her with a friend and it was not just once. Now, in a conversation with the Bombay Times, Abhishek Awasthi has called these allegations baseless.

Sharing that he had no guts to cheat on Rakhi as no girl dared to date him, Abhishek Awasthi told the Bombay Times, “What she said was unwarranted. I never talk about her. When someone tells me something bad about her, I tell them that this is not the Rakhi I know. In reality, she is a very different person. We have roamed the world together, had a great time, and shared a lot of memories. I have no idea about this ‘friend’ that she mentioned on the show, who I was supposed to have had a fling with. Keeping aside my strong value system, I did not have the guts to cheat on her! Tell me, which girl will dare to date me when I am with Rakhi Sawant? (laughs!). There is no girl that brave! Rakhi claimed that she caught me red-handed on more than two occasions. Do you think a girl, who catches her boyfriend cheating on her, will forgive him instantly?”

Abhishek Awasthi and Rakhi Sawant

Abhishek also shared that the makers of the show should at least have thought about his reputation before airing it as it might hamper him. He said, “The makers and the channel should have thought about me before airing these allegations. It’s wrong that one person says something and the entire world believes it and you keep playing that on television. It can cause damage to my reputation and affect my life adversely.” (Recommended Read: Angad Bedi's Daughter, Mehr Starts His Birthday With Cake And Balloons, Wearing A Glowy Headband)

Abhishek Awasthy

Abhishek shared that he is breaking his silence only because his wife and his friends suggested him to put his side of the story out as well. Sharing that his wife, Ankita is upset with the false claims and he has two families to answer now, Abhishek added, “My wife, Ankita, was very upset. She asked me why Rakhi brought up my name when I never talked about her or put her in a bad light. I had no answer to it. I am a married man and do not want to discuss my past or gossip about people associated with it. I have a lovely wife and have two families to answer to now, so it is not right when someone says distasteful things about you on national TV, especially when I have never badmouthed her. What Rakhi did was quite bad. I guess that’s how she is and this is how I am.” (Don't Miss: Anissa Malhotra Left Speechless After Her Husband, Armaan Jain Does This For Her On Their Vacation)

Abhishek Awasthi Gets Married To His Girlfriend Ankita Goswani

Do you think Rakhi Sawant’s claims about Abhishek Awasthi hold any truth?

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