Rajveer Deol Opens Up How He Dealt With Rumours About Father's Personal Life, 'I Would Ask My Mom..'

In an interview, Rajveer Deol opened up about his relationship with his parents, Sunny Deol and Pooja Deol. However, he also shared how he dealt with the rumours about his father's personal life.


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Rajveer Deol Opens Up How He Dealt With Rumours About Father's Personal Life, 'I Would Ask My Mom..'

Sunny Deol and his wife, Pooja Deol’s younger son, Rajveer Deol recently made his Bollywood debut with the film, Dono, co-starring Paloma Dhillon. The film saw a stunning performance of the star kid, and his character 'Dev' captivated millions of audiences, displaying a masterclass in acting and authenticity. Ever since the film's promotion started, Rajveer has opened up about many unknown anecdotes from his life. Once again, he made some honest confessions regarding his relationship with his parents and also shared how he dealt with certain rumours written about his family.

Rajveer Deol reveals how his mother, Pooja Deol is the 'most genuine person'

In an interview with Zoom Entertainment, Rajveer opened up about his doting mother, Pooja Deol's simple way of leading life. He revealed how Pooja distanced herself from the world of showbiz, but it became a blessing for him. Calling her the 'most genuine person', he said:

“If fame was the sun, my mother is Pluto. I am realising now it’s such a blessing to have someone like that, that doesn’t give a s**t about Bollywood, and you grow up more real, you grow up more honest, because in this fame line, there are a lot of fake people. And I have someone who is such a genuine person in my life, so I thank her a lot.”

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Ravjeer on his father, Sunny Deol being a strict parent

Further, Rajveer mentioned that he is extremely close to his mother than his father. Then, the doting son shared how Sunny has always been a strict father to both his sons, Rajeev and Karan. Mentioning that the doting sons had a deadline of 8:30 pm to reach home, whereas Pooja was more lenient to them. Rajveer added:

“I am very close to my mom. I was closer to my mom than to my dad. Dad was very strict. I think he was just scared so much, he was so protective, so he would keep deadlines. I have to come home by 8.30 pm and I would tell dad, so it was a bit tricky in that aspect. My mom was more lenient. She knew for that age, you need to go out, experience life, do something stupid, grow from it. She was more lenient but strict in her own ways…”

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Rajveer reveals how he dealt with rumours about his father, Sunny's personal life

In the same conversation, Rajveer was asked how he handled reading rumours about his father, Sunny’s personal life. To this, the newbie actor mentioned that while growing up, he used to get affected by it initially. However, soon, he used to clear up his mind by having a factual conversation with his mother. He revealed:

“As a kid, you take it very seriously, and you do get affected, and that’s when you need to have more communication with your family members to make you realise that, that’s not reality, this is reality. I would ask my mom certain questions and she would tell me.

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However, Rajveer also mentioned that after becoming an actor, he has learned to be more empathetic and not judge anyone without stepping into their shoes. He shared:

"I feel like after becoming an actor, you have be very empathetic with everybody, you have to walk in everybody’s shoes. You can’t judge anyone in this world and you realise its such an immature quality to have, and we can’t avoid that quality because we are so quick to judge. But at the same time, with judgement, you should have a real conversation of really what does a person go through, what makes that person. Once you answer all these questions within yourself, you realise there is no malice but just facts inside you and those facts give you relief.”

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