R Madhavan Reveals He Is Jealous Of Son, Vedaant And Why He Tries To Keep Him Out Of Media Glares

In an interview, R Madhavan opened up about the various insecurities of every parent ever and how he is privileged to decide for his son, Vedaant's life that many others couldn't. Check out!


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R Madhavan Reveals He Is Jealous Of Son, Vedaant And Why He Tries To Keep Him Out Of Media Glares

Popular actor, R Madhavan has already made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his humble nature and stellar acting skills. He is married to the love of his life, Sarita Birje, and together they are blessed with a boy, whom they have lovingly named Vedaant. The smart kid is a professional swimmer and is often seen making his parents super proud with his achievements at the global level. And his doting father never misses a chance to shower heaps of praises and love on him, proof of the same is found on his IG handle.

For instance, on April 16, 2022, R Madhavan had taken to his IG handle and had shared a video of his son, Vedaant Madhavan at the Danish Open competition in Copenhagen. In the video, Vedaant was seen receiving the silver medal while Alexander L Bjorn won the gold medal, and Frederik Lindholm won the bronze medal. Sharing the video clip from the award ceremony, the doting daddy had thanked his son's guru and had revealed his proud feeling. Madhavan's caption could be read as:

"@vedaantmadhavan wins Silver for India at the Danish Open in Copenhagen. Thank you so much Pradeep sir, #swimmingfederationofindia and #ansadxb for all your efforts. We are so proud."

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In an interview with Brut India, R Madhavan opened up about his insecurities toward his son, Vedaant and what he thinks he got right as a parent. When the popular actor was asked about his son's success that he has gotten on the international platform and mentioned that everybody has been talking about how Vedaant has been brought up well, the doting father replied wittily. Madhavan made a comparison between him with the normal middle-class families and explained that he and his wife, Sarita have the same kind of insecurities which every parent would have. However, he also mentioned that, for instance, the decision of sending their Vedaant to Dubai to continue his training is a kind of privilege that he has that many other families might not. Talking about the same, Madhavan said: 

“I think, as a parent, we have as many insecurities and done as many things wrong of right as any other parent. It's just that we sometimes have the freedom to take decisions that other normal middle-class family might not have. For example, having to up and just go to Dubai so that his training continues during his growth spurt. That was a privilege that I, as a non-middle class guy can afford, not everybody else can.  But, as a parent. I think the insecurities are as much as any parent in whichever strata of society they belong to, the future of the child, what they should pursue, how good is education? How important is academics? Or what makes a person successful in the world that seems to constantly change even before you make that statement?"

Further, in the same conversation, Madhavan mentioned that till now, he and his wife, Sarita have not made any huge mistakes or hadn't taken any regretful decisions for their son, Vedaant. Revealing how the doting parents used to keep their son engaged with the things he loved, and also those things that Madhavan and Sarita could control, had helped Vedaant in the long run by not getting into trouble. Mentioning that he isn't assuring whether Vedaant would get into trouble or not in the future, he hoped that his son could at least solve them before things become worse and added:

"So far, we haven't made any huge mistakes that we regret- is all I can tell you. How many of them prove right and how right and how, for how long is at the hand of almighty and providence. But the only thing that Sarita and I have got right and so far is that we make sure that the son is, the boy was engaged completely during his teenage times and didn't have too much free time to himself, and doing things that he liked, things that we could control. So he hasn't gone into too much trouble. I'm not saying that he won't. I think. like I did, everybody will get into trouble. I just hope he has the wisdom to come to us and hopefully solve it before it becomes too big."

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At the end of the conversation, Madhavan mentioned that he feels jealous of his son, Vedaant's success now. Giving credit to all those videos from Vedannt's swimming competition which surfaced on the internet, he narrated an incident when some of his fans had walked towards him and had congratulated him. Though he initially thought that those congratulatory wishes were for his upcoming film, Rocketry, however, he later got to know by going into the conversation, that it was for his son. So the loving daddy jokingly mentioned that for winning this fame game with his son, he used to keep Vedaant out of the media so that he could win. Talking about the same, he concluded by saying:

"I'm really jealous right now, because, thanks to your videos, every time I meet people on the road in Mumbai and I think that they're coming up to me with a smile because they're saying congratulations, they're talking about Rocketry. But then they say, 'He not really got the silver he got the gold.' And my assistants have a good laugh at my expense. So I'm trying to win this competition by shutting him off and keeping him off the press while I can.”

Isn't R Madhavan's insecurities and plannings for his son, Vedaant, every daddy ever?

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