Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments For Brides-To-Be To Make Their Skin Glow On Wedding Day


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Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments For Brides-To-Be To Make Their Skin Glow On Wedding Day

From clean-ups and facials to body scrubbing and polishing, a bride-to-be has a lot many beauty treatments added to her pre-bridal list. After all, she has to look beautiful and picture perfect on her special day.

Fillers, botox and chemical peels are some treatments that can give her sure shot results, but chances of side effects are also high. So, why not opt for something that promises a pretty and radiant look on the big day, sans the chemicals? Here are some pre-wedding beauty treatments that a bride-to-be should follow to look stunning on her D-day.

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#1. Go for regular facials

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The way a regular workout tones your body, facials too tighten your skin. But, a few sessions would not give the desired results. Pamper yourself with regular facials at least three to four months before your wedding. The process involves cleansing, scrubbing, massage, a face pack and finally moisturising. A thorough cleansing ensures the removal of dirt, oil and sweat from the skin. Exfoliation encourages cell regeneration, thereby, giving you a brighter look. Massage is the third stage that improves blood circulation. A face pack is then applied according to the skin type. And, the process is finally finished by applying a good moisturiser.

#2. Opt for body brushing and massage

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Massages and body brushing are two great beauty treatments which every bride-to-be should religiously follow. Both these pre-bridal beauty treatments boost blood circulation, which in turn brings that extra lustre to the skin. A soon-to-be bride should go for a massage at least once in a month. The process helps in calming the senses and relieving the stress. In addition, dry body brushing flushes out body toxins, thereby reducing the cellulite. It also promotes skin tightening and cell renewal. It is advisable to use a body scrub for five to ten minutes once in a week.

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#3. Care for your hair

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Once your wedding date is announced, start working on your hair texture. Drink plenty of water, eat vitamin rich food and go for bridal hair spa treatment regularly. It will definitely bring life to your dull hair and make it silky, smooth and shiny. This will also keep your scalp dandruff-free. Moreover, if you are planning to colour your hair, make sure you do that well in advance after consulting a hair stylist. Avoid any last minute experiment with your hair before your wedding.

#4. Hand and foot care

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Like any other part, your hands and feet also need to be taken care of. Well-shaped and healthy looking nails will add to the beauty of your mehendi adorned hands and feet on your wedding. So, make it a habit of going for manicures and pedicures on a regular basis. These treatments keep your skin hydrated and healthy as well. But, your last session should only be done a day or two before your D-day.

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#5. Brazilian wax

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Apart from the normal waxing routine, a bride-to-be should also go for a Brazilian wax. It is slightly different from the bikini wax, as it removes hair growth from the entire pubic region. If you are a first timer, it is advisable to try it months prior to your wedding, just to check whether it suits you or not. Also, make sure you go for a patch test first.

Things to remember

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  • For a glowing and healthy looking skin, follow a strict skin care regime at least two months prior to your D-day.
  • Drink plenty of water and follow a proper diet. Stay away from sugary drinks and oily food.
  • Remove your makeup before going to bed. Follow a regular routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day.

So, what are you waiting for? Just indulge in these pre-wedding beauty treatments and dazzle on your big day!

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