Meet PolyGaj's 15-Year-Old Founder Gajesh Naik, Whose App Manages Millions Of Dollars Cryptocurrency

Forget 'Sharma Ji Ka Ladka'; this 15-year-old student from Goa is the creator of famous cryptocurrency-related applications, PolyGaj and StableGaj. Here's all you need to know about him!


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Meet PolyGaj's 15-Year-Old Founder Gajesh Naik, Whose App Manages Millions Of Dollars Cryptocurrency

The topic of cryptocurrency is one of the most debatable topics on the internet for some years now. From finance advisors to investment-related podcasts, cryptocurrency always finds a way to sneak in. However, many people are still untouched by its presence and the constant fear about the future's currency space. For the unversed, cryptocurrency is considered as a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security and operates on a decentralised network that is known by the name, blockchain.

The Indian currency regulatory landscape is evolving, as we have seen new rules and regulations on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it is a well-known fact that a large section of Indian society has already soaked their feet into the world of cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrency is a lucrative sector, it's fair to admit that it can be a nightmare for beginner investors without adequate knowledge.

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Meet 15-year-old crypto developer, Gajesh Naik, who is the founder of PolyGaj and StableGaj

At a time when cryptocurrency is still an unexplored land for a lot of finance enthusiasts, a 15-year-old boy from Goa named Gajesh Naik has made a mark in the digital currency market.

It was back in 2021 when Gajesh broke the internet and news headlines during the COVID-19 lockdown after he developed an online educational platform for students. Despite being in class 8, Gajesh's interest in coding and web development made him accomplish such a significant feat at the age of 13.

Back in 2021, Gajesh Naik was a class 8 student at People's High School in Panaji. After massive success as a crypto developer in the last two years, it is unknown whether he is still studying. However, in the digital currency sector, Gajesh has become a significant name and continues to stun the world with his knowledge at the mere age of 15.

The crypto developer, Gajesh Naik is the brain behind famous D-apps (decentralised applications) on the Plygon network by the names PolyGaj and StableGaj. The app allows users to invest in cryptocurrency and is also one of India's fastest-growing companies in this particular sector. For the unversed, PolyGaj and StableGaj are the applications which manage millions of dollars of its users.

How Gajesh Naik managed to develop PolyGaj and StableGaj at the age of 13

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Gajesh Naik utilised the extra time that he got due to online classes. The teenager learnt multiple coding languages like C, C++, JavaScript, Java, and Solidity.

As per reports, when Gajesh was 8 years old, he attended a boot camp, where he got some insights into the world of coding, and he instantly fell in love with it. In the following years, he started learning more about the same instead of wasting his time on social media like a lot of youngsters.

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Gajesh Naik is the youngest person to have completed the Google Foobar Challenge

According to a report in The Times Of India, Gajesh Naik is the youngest Indian, who has completed all five levels of the Google Foobar Challenge. For the unversed, the Google Foobar challenge is one of the most difficult coding tests in the world, which Google administers.

The gruelling test consists of five levels, and it can be completed in only Python or Java. The challenge is used to evaluate candidates for and recruit potential engineers for Google.

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As per multiple industry experts, Gajesh Naik has the ability to build the next WhatsApp or Facebook, courtesy of his exceptional potential and hunger to learn more. While some people argue that Gajesh is too young to understand the potential risks in cryptocurrency and blockchain, most people are quite confident about him. For the unversed, the teenager has over 22,100 followers on Twitter and almost 12,000 subscribers on YouTube.

What are your thoughts on Gajesh Naik creating applications like PolyGaj and StableGaj at such a young age? Let us know.

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