6 Best Styling Tips For Plus-Size Grooms To Look Slim On Their Wedding Day


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6 Best Styling Tips For Plus-Size Grooms To Look Slim On Their Wedding Day

Buying wedding attire for men is as difficult as it is for women, especially when the groom is on the heavier side of the scales. Just like the bride, a groom also needs to make sure that his attire makes him look his stunning best without drawing attention to his problem areas.

So boys, if your wedding is just around the corner and your fitness regime has not yet shown the desired results, then fret not! Just keep in mind the following shopping tips for plus-size grooms to look slimmer on your wedding day.

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#1. Go for darker colours

It is always good to choose dark colours since they make you look leaner. You can choose a sherwani or any other outfit of your choice from this season's hot favourites, classic blue, tree green or marsala.

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Combinations to trySome great colour combinations could be classic blue with black or white lowers, dark green with a mix of gold and royal blue or marsala with grey, and black lowers. Rust and maroon combination has been quite the rage these days as well.

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#2. Choose the right embellishments

If you have a bulging belly, make sure you do not buy something with a lot of work near the midriff portion. Embellishments and embroidery will lay more emphasis on your problem area and draw attention to those parts. Most people will notice that part of your clothes first, which you would not want if you have a bulging belly. Same goes for your other problem areas as well.

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So, make sure that the outfit you choose does not have any kind of heavy work on the places that will accentuate your problem areas further. In fact, it would be a better idea to opt for a plain or printed outfit made of graceful material like silk or velvet, instead of the one having embellishments on it.

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#3. Pick out thick materials

Go for a thick and stiff material as the base for your traditional wear. Going in for thick velvet and raw silk would be a great idea. These fabrics look rich and royal, and thus, go really well with the occasion. Also, because of a straight fit, they tend to hide the curvy parts of your body and help you to camouflage those bulges.

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra Collection

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#4. Select your lowers carefully

If you are short and have heavy legs, wearing pants under a heavy sherwani will make you look loaded and even shorter. To overcome this, try not going in for a very long shirt. A mid-length would do just fine. Also, if you pair it with ankle-length lungis or dhotis, they would give you a taller and slimmer effect overall.

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#5. Pick the right safa and stole

Most men tend to over-accessorise their sherwani, and this is where the problem starts. Subtle accessories with only a gracefully small headgear will make you look elegant. The heavier you go on the bling and the larger the headgear, it is bound to make you look stout and broad. Thus, stick to elegance and let the bride go over the top with the glitters and bling.

Image Courtesy: Rohit Bal Collection (left), Tarun Tahiliani Collection (right)

Colours to try: Go for contrasting colours when choosing your safa or stole. This would add length to your look and draw attention away from your bulges.

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#6. Choose the neck accessories and shoes carefully

If you have a short neck and a broad chest, try not going in for a heavy neck wear. Pearl malas look great on grooms, but generally on men with shaped-up chests and long necks. So, if you think you look all the more broad sporting them, then it would be a better idea to avoid them. Simplicity always wins.

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When it comes to the footwear, mojaris that match the colour and design of your sherwani will look great on you. If your top wear is in a dark colour, make sure the mojari is also of the same colour. The more they merge with your attire, the leaner look they would give to your body.

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Well boys, as you go out for your wedding shopping, just keep these in mind to make sure you go in for classy looks to impress the shutterbugs. And of course, for your lady love too!



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