Planning Your Wedding Catering Budget

Planning Your Wedding Catering Budget

Setting the budget for your wedding can be crucial. It’s very essential to have quantity and quality both combined at a reasonable rate in your catering budget. Before finalizing the caterer and the per plate cost of your wedding banquet, here are a few items to keep in mind.


Always check with several caterers to find out what you are getting for the same cost. Remember that all caterers will have a set menu with appetizers, main courses and desserts all set out according to a per plate charge. But they will throw in additional perks like a free salad bar, free snacks and even a chaat counter to keep the kids entertained. Ask for extras and you will get several more goodies included in the same price.

Food stations

You might have a buffet arranged but you can also get additional food stations with ethnic fare. For example, if you have a traditional Indian menu set at the buffet counters, set up additional two counters of chaat or finger foods that will pull in the crowds. Even a tandoor counter with fresh rotis and vegetable kababs like paneer tikkis and vegetable kebabs will please the guests while filling their stomachs before the main dinner event.


The catering contract will always be final. But ask and check for additional charges like rental charges for linen, cutlery, service fee for the servers and bartenders and taxes.  Make sure that you don’t have to pay additional per plate costs after the event. A few caterers might also charge you for the alcohol that you are getting. They charge for the glasses and the snacks that they will be serving with the drinks. Check with the caterer before you sign the contract.

Head counts

Get an accurate head count as much as possible. Most caterers will have a per plate charge that they count according to the number of plates that are handed out. Ensure that you have a reliable person standing next to the food counters counting out plates. Caterers can use up additional plates which will raise your eventual catering bill. If possible get an accurate head count of the people who will be attending by handing out prepaid and stamped RSVP cards in the invitations itself.

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