'Pandya Store' Fame, Kanwar Dhillon Mentions His GF, Alice Kaushik Is His Best Co-Star Till Date

After Alice Kaushik confirmed her relationship with Kanwar Dhillon a few days back, recently, the duo opened up about their relationship. However, he mentioned that they want to keep it private!


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'Pandya Store' Fame, Kanwar Dhillon Mentions His GF, Alice Kaushik Is His Best Co-Star Till Date

In the popular show, Pandya Store fame, Alice Kaushik and Kanwar Dhillon have become a household names with their characters, 'Shiva' and 'Raavi'. All love the duo's chemistry in the television drama. However, the duo shares a beautiful bond not only on-screen but also off-screen. And finally, a few days ago, the much-in-love couple had confirmed their relationship.

Taking to her IG handle on March 19, 2022, Alice Kaushik shared two pictures with the man of her dreams, Kanwar Dhillon and had penned a lengthy note mentioning her love for him. Calling Kanwar her everything, the actress in the collaborated post had announced their relationship to the world. In reply to his cute girlfriend, 'Aaloo', her 'Babli' has also expressed his love in a long note dedicated to Alice. An excerpt of Alice's note could be read as:

"You walked into my life a year ago, and let's just say, ever since then, I haven't looked back. It's been beautiful, knowing you. Cherishing you. Making memories with you. Having you in my life is proof enough that God truly does love me. And here's why. You are easily the most fun person I've ever come across. Not a day goes by where I don't adore the goofy, crazy you. It was a dystopian world I was living in, but you walked in and made it utopian. I don't know if you understand this but believe it or not, this is my truth. It is safe to say that you are my EVERYTHING and I LOVE you. #MyBabli #MyMan."

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The adored television couple, Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik, recently opened up about their relationship in an interview with the ETimes. On being asked to give a tag to their relationship, Kanwar mentioned that both of them are private people, and till the right time comes, he wouldn't like to talk anything about this to the world. He asked everyone to let them live happily till the time comes when he would want to open up and said:

"Apne muh Waah wahiyan karne ka Mauka aayega na jab aisi koi need lagegi and if we feel there is a need then we will do but till then I don’t think we are answerable to anyone and why. We both are very private people that way and I would like to keep it that way. When the time comes or the time is right to talk about something or give something a tag for the world to know that’ll happen. But till then just live and let live."

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Adding to Kanwar Dhillon, his beau, Alice Kaushik mentioned that the duo had already poured their hearts out in their long posts. She talked about the beautiful bond they share and said they didn't want to give anyone any further clarification. Alice mentioned:

"I don’t think Kisi ke bhi Saamne koi tag dene se kuch bhi change hojaayega like whatever we share. Like we keep expressing in such lengthy paragraphs what we mean to each other, what he means to me or what I am to him, usse zyaada Aur kya clarification we need to give and why."

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In the same conversation, Kanwar was asked what the thing is that he loves in Alice. To this, the loving boyfriend mentioned that he and Alice had become instant friends, and later while shooting for the popular television show, Pandya Store, they had come closer. Revealing that Alice is very similar to him, Kanwar explained:

"Alice is a wonderful human being and I can be a certain way with people if I want to be like in the past if I don’t like someone I don’t like someone even if it is my costar. But with Alice I can’t be angry for long. We didn’t become instant friends, we took our time. In fact, she was closer to other people than me on the set. It was very gradually that our friendship developed and we started to know each other. Because she had her own reservation and I had mine. Also I don’t make too many friends in the industry because I don’t understand people. Alice is very similar to me in so many ways, she also doesn’t have too many friends in the industry. I can’t be sweet to people because I want something from them and I can’t pretend. If I like you, you’ll know, if I don’t you’ll get to know. That we share."

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The much-in-love couple was also asked about the one thing they admire about each other as actors. In reply to this, Alice said, "What I admire about Kanwar as an actor is that he is passionate about every scene whether it is a small or a big one, he’s just equally hardworking. He gives it all." Adding to his ladylove, Kanwar said that Alice is his best co-star to date, and he is proud of her. Concluding the conversation, Kanwar said:

"Alice is always open to learning as an actor. Like there are many actors who if they don’t know they will try to cover up that they know everything. But Alice will accept it openly and say please teach me. She likes to evolve with every scene. I’ve seen her grow in the show. If you see her first scene and now, she has shown tremendous growth. Alice for me is my best co-star till date. I am really proud and happy for her."

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Well, what do you think about Alice and Kanwar's beautiful bond? Let us know.

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