15 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Underwent Plastic Surgery: From Fawad Khan To Mehwish Hayat

Here are some of the biggest Pakistani celebs who underwent plastic surgery to enhance their appearance.


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15 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Who Underwent Plastic Surgery: From Fawad Khan To Mehwish Hayat

In the entertainment world, beauty takes the forefront, and stunning faces pave their way into the heart of their audience. The classic beauty is defined as doe-shaped eyes, oval face, uplifted cheekbones, pointed nose, fuller lips and many more. And to attain the perfect look, many times, celebs often opt for plastic surgeries.

With the advent of cosmetic surgeries, many celebs rely on them to correct the ‘imperfections’ of their face. There was a time when plastic surgeries were not too common in Pakistan. However, over the years, many Pakistani celebs have either got a nose job or a face upliftment. It has become a regular part of a celeb’s life, and they have often accepted undergoing the knife. Let us look at some of the popular Pakistani celebs, who underwent cosmetic surgery.

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#1. Sarwat Gilani


Pakistani model and actress, Sarwat Gilani made her film debut in 2015 with the movie, Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. After a few years of joining the industry, Sarwat reportedly got a nose job done. When she made an appearance in the Pakistani drama, Mata-e-Jaan Hei Tu, the actress looked completely different. The bridge of her nose looked more prominent.

#2. Aisha Khan


Popular Pakistani actress, Aisha Uqbah Malik, also known as Aisha Khan is hailed for her performances in Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and Mann Mayal. The gorgeous actress had reportedly undergone a few surgeries. Aisha has done rhinoplasty as the appearance of her nose has completely changed over the years. It is now narrow from the sides and looks much sleeker now. She also got fuller lips and a facelift.

#3. Ghana Ali


The Sangdil actress, Ghana Ali is a popular name in Pakistani dramas and films. The gorgeous actress has openly accepted undergoing the knife to enhance her look. Ghana once revealed that she was not happy with her appearance as her nose was too big.

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#4. Fawad Khan


Yes, you read that right. The most handsome actor in the Pakistani film and drama, Fawad Khan too got plastic surgery. As per multiple reports, Fawad got a nose job done at the early stages of his career. He slightly corrected the bridge of his nose. It is also reported that Fawad also got a jaw augmentation too.

#5. Hadiqa Kiani


Pakistani singer, Hadiqa Kiani is hailed for songs like Boohey Barian, Yaad Sajan, Kamli and many others. She is one of the few celebs who have accepted undergoing the knife. After her initial days, there was a major change in her looks, and people started commenting that the actress had undergone multiple surgeries. At this moment, Hadiqa admitted getting rhinoplasty to correct her nose and stated that she never got any other cosmetic surgery done.

#6. Mehwish Hayat Khan


Mehwish is one of the top Pakistani actresses currently. She was named the 8th sexiest Asian woman in the world by a popular British magazine in 2009. Mehwish had reportedly undergone lip augmentation and a nose job. The actress has never spoken about the same.

#7. Humaima Malick


One of the most gorgeous actresses in the Pakistani film and television industry, Humaima Malick has proved her versatility with her splendid performances. Despite her gorgeous looks, Humaima Malick reportedly got a minor rhinoplasty to correct the shape of her nose to get a perfect one. The surgery is unnoticeable, but until you start comparing her with her old pictures.

#8. Mahnoor Baloch


Mahnoor Baloch is in her 40s and doesn’t look a day older than 20. As per multiple reports, the gorgeous actress has undergone many surgeries to look young. Many reports have claimed that Mahnoor took injections to look young and has also got a facelift.

#9. Danish Taimoor


Another Pakistani heartthrob, Danish Taimoor can make any girl go weak in her knees with his handsome looks. The handsome actor too reportedly underwent the knife and corrected his nose, and got his face lifted too.

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#10. Fahd Mustafa


The superstar, Fahad Mustafa is a popular name in the Pakistani industry. Host, producer and actor, Fahad is hailed for his notable roles in Ye Zindagi HaiAashti, Mastana Mahi and many others. Multiple reports suggest that Fahad had undergone skin-lightening treatment and has also corrected his facial features.

#11. Sabeeka Imam


Pakistani model and actress, Sabeeka Imam is known for her splendid performances in films like Jalaibee and Sherdil. Sabeeka is one of the most beautiful actresses, and to enhance her beauty, the actress reportedly got a nose job done. Sabeeka’s nose looks completely different if you compare it with her old pictures.

#12. Mansha Pasha


Mansha Pasha is known for her supporting roles in critically acclaimed television dramas like Madiha Maliha, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Virasat. Mansha gained critical acclaim with the film, Laal Kabootar. It is very difficult to say whether Mansha has undergone the knife. However, the slight change in her nose from Zindagi Gulzar Hai days proves that the actress reportedly got her nose fixed.

#13. Sara Loren

sara loren

Sara Hussain, better known as Sara Loren has done many popular Pakistani dramas and films. The actress made her Bollywood debut in 2010 with the film, Kajraare. She was later seen in the film, Murder 3 and Barkhaa. Before making her Bollywood debut, Sara reportedly got under the knife and got a sleek nose and fuller lips.

#14. Noor Bukhari

noor bukhari

Popular Pakistani model and actress, Noor Bukhari is one of the gorgeous faces in the Pakistani entertainment industry. However, the actress reportedly went through a nose job as her earlier pictures are proof of the same. Noor had a long but bulky nose, but with cosmetic surgery, the actress managed to get a long and sleek nose.

#15. Maira Khan


Popular model, VJ and actress, Maira Khan, is one of the stunning divas of the Pakistani entertainment industry. However, the change in Maira’s nose is quite evident. Although the actress has never talked about undergoing the knife, the flared nose looks sleek and has changed her face completely.

It is quite sad that celebs have to undergo so much pressure to meet the beauty standards set by society. All these well-known names in the Pakistani entertainment industry proved that all that glitter is not gold.

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