8 Pakistani Actresses Who Ruined Their Face With Cosmetic Surgery: From Sadia Imam To Aaminah Haq

Here are some of the gorgeous Pakistani actresses, who ruined their faces and career with the worst cosmetic surgeries.


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8 Pakistani Actresses Who Ruined Their Face With Cosmetic Surgery: From Sadia Imam To Aaminah Haq

For every actress, a glamorous face plays an important role in her career. There was a time when actresses used makeup to hide blemishes and highlight their features. However, with the emerging time and technology, many divas opted for cosmetic surgeries to fix the features of their faces and enhance their beauty.

This is the reason why an actress looks different with each passing year. Some fix their nose; some go for a facelift, and others add fillers. It is definitely a risky business to go under the knife to fix facial features, but actresses willingly take the risk. Most of the time, these surgeries give the desired result, but there are moments when it turns out to be a complete failure. Let’s take a look at some Pakistani actresses who ruined their faces and risked their careers with the worst cosmetic surgeries.

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#1. Fiza Ali


Pakistani model, actress and singer, Fiza Ali began her career in 1999 and has done some notable roles. Though the actress never accepted undergoing the knife, her face looks completely different from her initial years in the industry. Over the years, actress, Fiza’s face started looking different, and she took a break from the industry. She reportedly did some more altercations to make her comeback.

#2. Sadia Imam


Pakistani television presenter, actress and model, Sadia Imam is hailed for her acting prowess in different Pakistani dramas. However, more than her acting chops, Sama had garnered attention for her facial transformation. Sadia’s natural face gave her an innocent look, but after small changes to her face, when the actress got her cheeks implanted and lip job done, she was unrecognisable.

#3. Sara Loren

sara loren

Sara Loren is a popular name in the Pakistani entertainment industry as well as Bollywood. The beautiful actress has reportedly undergone the knife to get a sleek nose and fuller lips. But it changed her entire look. When pictures of Sara were shared after she underwent cosmetic surgery, she looked completely unrecognisable. Her career too suffered because of the same.

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#4. Aaminah Haq


Model-turned-actress, Aaminah Haq has acted in many Urdu TV dramas and has also hosted many shows. When she began her career in modelling, Aaminah got a lot of applause for her enchanting beauty and striking features. But, soon the actress went for cosmetic surgery and got a few altercations on her face. She got her cheeks lifted, her brows raised, and her lips fuller. However, the surgery turned out to be a complete failure and made her look unrecognisable. It was also reported that Aaminah was so heartbroken after seeing the results of her surgery that she was devasted and even contemplated suicide.

#5. Nadia Husain


One of the first supermodels of Pakistan, Nadia Hussain, started her career quite early. Despite being a model and actress, Nadia is a practising dentist. After some years in the industry, Nadia decided to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty. She got changes in her cheekbones, lips, and nose. Because of the multiple surgeries, Nadia lost her uniqueness and her entire look got changed. However, the model-turned-actress shut all the rumours about her surgery and stated that she has only done non-surgical treatments.

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#6. Sidra Batool


Pakistani actress, Sidra Batool was known for her cute looks, for which she was loved by her fans. However, when she got cosmetic surgeries on her face, the actress lost her innocent looks, and her face changed entirely. Sidra got the cosmetic touches in order to get more projects, but that did not happen, rather her fans were left disappointed with her look.

#7. Mishi Khan


Mishi Khan is one of the leading names in the Pakistani entertainment industry. The actress has undergone the knife multiple times, and she has accepted the same. Mishi has no shame in owning up to the regular nips and tucks that she underwent to stay evergreen. But despite the multiple cosmetic surgeries, the actress couldn’t make an impact. All the lines from her ageing skin might have been removed, but the actress has lost her charm.

#8. Sadaf Kanwal


Sadaf Kanwal started her career as a model and later ventured into acting. However, more than her acting chops, Sadaf has garnered attention for her transformation over the years. Sadaf got lip fillers to change the shape of her lips. From her skin lighting to the thickness of her eyebrows, Sadaf changed everything about herself. But her transformation didn’t impress her fans, who thought she looked much better before the fillers.

Cosmetic surgery is like an obsession. Sometimes it may work wonders for one’s look, but on the other, it can completely ruin one’s look. In the race to be on the top, these Pakistani actresses lost their innocent faces and looks unrecognisable, leaving their carers at stake.

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