New Age Ceremonies During And Before Wedding


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New Age Ceremonies During And Before Wedding

Wedding is one of the most sacred and important function that everyone likes to cherish. Apart from two people getting married and exchanging vows through various important ceremonies, Indian weddings witness the bonding of two families along with their respective friends and relatives. Prior to the wedding day, many ceremonies are organised which have their own importance. Earlier parents and elders fixed up the marriage and organised everything. Nowadays things have changed drastically. Young girls and boys choose their life partners and convince their parents in giving their consent. Parents have also become more open to this idea and there has been a rise in inter religion and inter community marriages. One thing that has remained untouched among all this is the sanctity involved in Indian marriages.

New Age Additions to old customs

These days’ bride and grooms plan out their weddings and see to it that everything is put into place. Wedding planners are appointed who come with a variety of ideas and set a theme for the wedding. However, the real beauty of weddings lies in its major and minor ceremonies and Indian weddings are full of them. There has been a transition in Indian weddings without deviating from the age old rituals and customs.

Apart from the traditional ceremonies, many events like bachelor parties and girl’s night outs are planned well in advance. Ceremonies like Mehendi, Sangeet and Tilak play a vital role but new add-ons are making them spicier and more fun.

Transformations in Mehendi!

Mehendi is an auspicious ceremony as the bride decorates her hand and feet with exotic designs made out of henna. But now brides are going contemporary and treating them like temporary contemporary tattoos. In addition mehendi designs are being traced in the place of armlets, on navels and in some cases on back too.

Fresh add-ons from Western sets

There is a dash of western influence on Indian weddings as well in the form of cutting the reception cake and the first dance by the bride and groom in the reception.

In many weddings, a DJ night is also planned out for the guests of the bride and the groom. This is the moment where everybody freaks out and forgets all the tensions of wedding arrangements. Nowadays youngsters also plan out lavish cocktail parties to celebrate their togetherness

Transformations in the Sangeet ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is yet another function where friends and relatives gather and a lot of song and dance takes place. Nowadays, choreographers are appointed and song and dance sequences are well rehearsed. Huge spends are made for stage decor and professional lightning to give an upmarket and live show feel to the event- largely influenced by bollywood movies.

The bride and groom dances are the most sought after, generally they come together to perform on a romantic number depicting their love story.

Sangeet ceremonies with big budgets also witness celebrity presence and performances. This is a move to make their social status stronger and the wedding ceremony most remembered one.

Pompous add-ons, western influence or simply for fun – the new age wedding rituals are sure making news as “big fat Indian weddings” go bigger!

Image Courtsey: Fazan Patel, Facebook Bride: Sharon and Ambika Narang

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