Neha Marda On Normalising Breastfeeding In Public, Actress Says, 'Cannot Let Her Starve'

In a recent interview, Neha Marda shared her views on normalising breastfeeding in public. She shared her thoughts on the same and also talked about her baby girl.


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Neha Marda On Normalising Breastfeeding In Public, Actress Says, 'Cannot Let Her Starve'

It was on April 7, 2023, when one of the most gorgeous actresses in the television industry, Neha Marda embraced motherhood for the first time in her life. However, it was on April 26, 2023, when Neha Marda posted a video in which she could be spotted holding her newborn baby in her arms as she entered into her house for the first time. The newbie mother looked elated as she and her daughter received a warm welcome from their family members.

Neha Marda on the urgent need to normalise breastfeeding in public

In an interview with ETimes TV, Neha Marda was asked about the need to normalise breastfeeding in public. Sharing her thoughts on the same, the actress opened up about her approach. Neha admitted that she always ensures that her daughter is well-fed before they step out of their home. The actress admitted that home is the place where the actress is most comfortable when it comes to breastfeeding her child. However, she also added that if her baby gets hungry while they’re in public, she won’t hesitate to breastfeed her. She said:

"With breastfeeding in public being concerned, my take is that I would always want to feed my child from home and then take her out. But if she gets hungry while we are out I won’t let her starve. I would take to ways in which I can feed her. But I would want to feed her well before I step out."

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Further, in the same interview, Neha Marda also shared why it is important to normalise breastfeeding in public. The doting mother admitted that feeding a child is the most natural thing in the world. Sharing how it is not a crime to feed her child, Neha stated that one could use a scarf while breastfeeding if they’re in public. Not only this, but she also added that seeing a mother breastfeeding her child is one of the most beautiful things to see in this world. Sharing her thoughts on the same, she stated:

"Having said that I will also not make her starve and it is a very natural thing. If you’re breastfeeding your child in public, it is fine. You are not doing a crime. You are just feeding your child who is hungry and it is absolutely normal. There are ways like scarf which you can use to cover yourself while feeding. It is the most beautiful thing to see a mother breastfeeding a child and there’s no shame to it at all. That’s my take."

Neha Marda reveals whether her career choices will change after the birth of her daughter

In the same interview, Neha Marda was asked whether she would change her approach in terms of picking roles now that she has become a mother. In response to it, the actress clearly stated that she is quite good at managing her career and personal life, which is why she is very much convinced that her motherhood journey isn’t going to clash with her professional life.

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Sharing how she would try to go for more interesting roles, as she’s excited to explore herself as an actress. Neha Marda also added that she would like to do a lot of experiments with the roles she would be picking now that she has embraced motherhood. Opening up about the same, she said:

"I will continue doing the same balancing my responsibilities and as far as career choices are concerned, I think it is going to get more interesting. I would go for more challenging roles which I’d not done before. Now, time lapse kam hota jaa raha hain, I am growing and as an actor I want to experiment and explore more. The things I’ve never attempted before as an actor, I’ll explore them now."

What are your thoughts on Neha Marda’s views on normalising breastfeeding in India? Let us know.

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