Nancy Tyagi, Uttar Pradesh Influencer: Walked Cannes Red Carpet In Self-Made Gown, Spoke In Hindi

Nancy Tyagi created history by walking on the red carpet of Cannes 2024 in a self-made gown. Read on to know about her journey from Baranwa village in Uttar Pradesh to the Cannes Film Festival.


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Nancy Tyagi, Uttar Pradesh Influencer: Walked Cannes Red Carpet In Self-Made Gown, Spoke In Hindi

Nancy Tyagi created history and made India proud by walking the 77th Cannes Film Festival in a self-designed gown, which was nothing less than a designer marvel. At the mere age of 23, Nancy proved to the world that you do not need a degree to be big, but all you need is passion to make your dreams turn into reality. In the world of glam and glitz, where people pick accents to settle in, Nancy Tyagi broke the stereotypes and chose to speak in Hindi, the language in which she is well-versed at the prestigious film festival.

Nancy Tyagi's early life

Nancy Tyagi, 23, was born in Baranwa village in Uttar Pradesh. She moved to New Delhi in the hope of clearing her UPSC exams. However, the world was hit with lockdown, which gave Nancy an opportunity to listen to her heart's calling. The financial difficulties gave Nancy the idea to create fashion from scratch. While she didn't receive instant success, she kept working hard and posting videos of her self-stitched outfits for 1.5 years.

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Nancy Tyagi's fashion influencer Journey 

Nancy found recognition when she started posting her Meesho haul. However, she received mixed reactions, and some trolled her; there were a few who even body-shamed Nancy. Despite this, Nancy kept her calm and didn't stop making videos. Slowly and gradually, she started making her place in the content creation world. And people started appreciating her videos. 

Nancy Tyagi is a self-made designer

While top designers run after fashion degrees, Nancy Tyagi is a self-taught designer. She has worked hard in honing her DIY skills and has recreated iconic outfits of Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and many more famous celebrities. She knows the art of turning an ordinary looking fabric into an icnonic gown, which can given any designer run for their money.

Nancy Tyagi's Cannes 2024 debut in self-stitched gown 

Nancy Tyagi left every jaws dropped and hearts stopped with her stunning outfit. She designed a pink ruffled gown which weighed more than 20 kg for her debut walk at the Cannes 2024. It took Nancy a month to stitch the outfit on her own. In an interaction on the red carpet, Nancy revealed that she used a 1000-meter fabric to make the pretty gown.

Nancy Tyagi made India proud by choosing to talk in Hindi

In a world, where people take immense pride in their language, some Indian celebrities often get accused of faking an accent. However, Nancy Tyagi left everyone in awe by walking the red carpet in a pretty gown and chose to converse in Hindi language. She even had a translator, who helped to traslate the media questions and her answers. 

Nancy Tyagi's second apperance at Cannes 2024: Wore a self-designed saree gown

For her second appearance, Nancy had self-stitched a saree gown. The outfit was made from scratch, including a backless blouse, which had hood on it. The sequinned saree gown definitely gave her diva vibes. 

Well, Nancy Tyagi proved that there is no dream that is too small or too big, and one can achieve with hard work. You do not require fancy degrees or jobs, but just love to pursue your passion.

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