Nakshatra Matchmaking


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Nakshatra Matchmaking

Indians tend to consult with astrologers before any auspicious event of function in the family. The astrological position of the sun and moon are checked for favorable locations to ensure that the event will proceed auspiciously and without any bad omens. According to Hindus, the sun, moon and planets will also influence the future of the relationship if it is started on an inauspicious date and time.

Purpose of Nakshatra Matchmaking
Prospective brides and grooms bring along their natal charts when they decide to get married. Astrologers will then map their houses and their signs to ensure that they are compatible with each other. In some cases, wedding are cancelled based on the mismatch of horoscopes alone. A prime example is of Aishwarya Rai, a prominent Bollywood actress who is a Manglik. To prevent her future spouse from dying suddenly within a year (according to the Manglik nature only Mangliks can marry a Manglik to neutralize it), she had to marry a banana tree and a dog. But its two years now and her spouse who is not Manglik seems to be hale and hearty.

The vedic system is prominently used and its incredibly accurate in measuring just how the marriage will work out. It uses scores on 18 points to make a perfect match. The main points that are preferred are

1. Varna Kuta having a weightage of one point indicating the ego of the partners
2. Vashya Kuta having a weight of 2 points indicating love and affection between the couple
3. Dinam Kuta with 3 points which calculates health of the couple.
4. Yoni Kuta with 4 points indicates sexual health and compatibility of the couple
5. Graha Maitri with five points indicating the future progeny of the couple.
6. Gana Kuta that states daily nature and temperament of the couples
7. Rashi Kuta indicating the family welfare on the whole with 7 points and
8. Nadi Kuta with 8 points measures longevity and happiness of the children.

As you can see, the entire family history, sexual history, progeny and their future is charted with the Vedic system and it is kind of reassuring. Parents who get their children married under the auspicious times are assured of a happy married life for their children. But you can’t really hold on to astrology as the be-all and end-all of marriage. There are chances that a marriage can go bad but Nakshatra Matchmaking is just a way of ensuring that the gods are pleased with the union. Everything else has to be left on fate.


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