Mystic Mexico Honeymoons


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Mystic Mexico Honeymoons

Your honeymoon is that special period after your wedding and before you get back to the daily grind. It is a time to get to know your spouse and if you were already in a relationship before marriage, it is a time to celebrate a new phase in your life. And where you head to makes all the difference.

There are plenty of places to go to for your honeymoon and Mexico is one of them. There is more to Mexico than meets the eye. It is known for its beaches and gorgeous weather and the ruins of the Mayan civilization. There are also some lovely places to visit.

This place sits close to the Mexican gulf. What you must do while you are here is snorkel and go scuba diving along the barrier reef. If you and your spouse are the active sorts, try the water sports. The beach is not the only thing around. There are also the ruins, Chichen Itza and Tulum, which are worth checking out.

After you finish enjoying Yucatan, move to Oaxaca. You will fall in love with the beautiful coastline. Dare to learn a sport: surfing. It is really big around here. You and your partner can bond while learning to surf. 

Mexican Riviera
This is a favourite place for honeymooners. It lies between Mazatlana and Acapulco. Hold hands and gaze into the blue of the Pacific Ocean sitting on the beach. If you don’t like to sit idle, try snorkeling and surfing. Or go for a sail. Be prepared to be blown away by the splendid combination of sea and mountains, a shutterbug’s delight.

Mexican Gold Coast
Do you and your partner love to party? Then come straight to the Mexican Gold Coast known as a party hub. Slip away from the party scene for some alone time on the many quiet beaches around. There are some quaint villages that give you a taste of local life. Then it’s back to partying.

Cabo San Lucas
There is a lot to do in Cabo San Lucas, which is on the edge of California Peninsula. Apart from water-based activities, you can try your hand at horse riding and golf. Come back to the waters to catch sight of whales or go for a cruise at sunset.

You can get the best of the Copper Canyon by hopping on to a train for a view that you will never forget. 

Provided you check out all the options out there, travel and hotels, it can prove to be affordable too. Brush up your Spanish, pack your bags and ole!



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