Mohena Kumari Singh Celebrates Her First Diwali With Her In-laws, Looks Like A Royal Bahu

Mohena Kumari Singh has left the world of glam and glitz in order to start a new life as a 'Rawat bahu'. Recently, she shared a glimpse of how she celebrated the Diwali 2019 with her in-laws!


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Mohena Kumari Singh Celebrates Her First Diwali With Her In-laws, Looks Like A Royal Bahu

Marriage is a most important milestone in a girl's life. It not only changes our status from 'Miss to Mrs', but it is also the start of a new life in a new family with new sets of parents. The occasions aren't the same anymore and when we talk about Diwali, it is all about perfecting the role of a new bahu. And television actress, Mohena Kumari Singh is proudly and happily embracing her role as a 'Rawat bahu'. (Recommend Read: Hina-Rocky, Dipika-Shoaib Celebrate Diwali, Other TV Celebs Too Welcome The Festival Of Lights) 

Mohena Kumari Singh married her husband, Suyesh Rawat on October 14, 2019, and left everyone mesmerised by her gorgeous Rajputana bride avatar. Her wedding ensemble has left everyone gaping as she had donned a Rajputana Poshak with jadau jewellery. In one of her interviews, the actress had revealed that she will quit her acting career in order to take on her role as a new bahu in the Rawat family and she is doing so far great.

On October 28, 2019, Mohena took to her Instagram handle and shared how she celebrated her first Diwali with her husband, Suyesh and her in-laws. She posted a series of pictures, and wrote, "First Diwali together. To new beginnings!" In the pictures, Mohena looked stunning donning orange and blue ensemble with borla mathapatti. Take a look at her first Diwali celebrations below:

Mohena's Instagram bio reads 'cracks of all trades' and by this, we are sure she means, she is jack of cards. Apart from being a phenomenal actress, she is also a fun youtuber and a great dancer. However, after living all her dreams, the actress is all set to live her biggest dream as a Mrs. In an interview with the Times of India, she had shared that she is not leaving anything but rather taking it with her. She had said, "I am never gonna miss dancing as I am not going to leave dancing. Everyone is asking me how are you leaving everything and going. Let me tell you people mistake experiences to be things. Experiences are those things that you cherish for life and you take with you wherever you go. So my dancing, acting and everything are experiences that are packed in a bundle within myself. I am going to take it with myself wherever I go. I am not going to miss acting and dancing as I am not going to leave it. I will always be in touch with Arts and Culture in whatever way I can. I will take it forward and you will see me for sure. I don't know where as that is the mystery I like life like that. I like to live life where I keep surprising myself, my family. That's is why it is not difficult for me to bring changes in my life, I enjoy changes. I follow Gautam Buddha's principle of keeping emotions balanced. I am going to take my dance and arts everywhere I go."


In an interview with Pinkvilla, Mohena had opened up on her arranged marriage with Suyesh. She had shared, "I always had this feeling that I will have an arranged marriage. I was inspired by the movie Vivah, I liked the system. I realised that in this industry you don't have time and I somehow enjoyed this process also. My mother asked me to see the guy and I agreed. I found the process very cute."


In the same interview, Mohena had also shared what attracted her towards Suyesh and his family and had stated "I like happy people and this family, and my fiance is those. I don't know, I couldn't say No. Suyesh was very honest and very transparent. I look through people, and seeing people, seeing somebody so honest and pure, I couldn't say no to this beauty. Suyesh and I connected over mountains, hence I wanted a mountain engagement but the beach one happened and it was very beautiful."  (Don't Miss: Samantha Akkineni's Diwali Wish For Fans Is Adorable, Posts A Beautiful Family Picture With In-Laws)

Well, we loved how gorgeous Mohena looked on her first Diwali! 

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