Mohena Kumari Shares How Her Hubby, Suyesh And Their Family Held Each Other, Battling Coronavirus

Mohena Kumari opened up about the difficult days of Coronavirus faced by her family. Shared how her husband, Suyash held her and how her family supported each other. Details inside!


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Mohena Kumari Shares How Her Hubby, Suyesh And Their Family Held Each Other, Battling Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has disturbed not only the economy of the country but also has deeply impacted the human brains. With the rise in the number of cases every day, our favourite celebrities too are infected by the virus. One of them is choreographer-cum-dancer-turned-actress and real-life princess, Mohena Kumari Singh, and her family. On May 31, 2020, Mohena had confirmed that her husband, Suyash Rawat, her in-laws, Satpal Maharaj, Amrita Rawat, along with their staff had tested COVID-19 positive. (Also Read: Benafsha Soonawalla Thanks Beau, Priyank's Mom On Her Birthday For Loving Her Like Her Own Daughter)

It was after a month of isolation and treatment that Mohena Kumari Singh and her family had finally tested negative for Coronavirus. The actress had taken to her Instagram handle to share the good news with her fans and had thanked the doctors for all the support. She had written, “We finally tested Negative of coronavirus... after a month! We’d like to thank all the Doctors and Health care professionals for doing the best they could with whatever information was available to the world about this virus, at AIIMS RISHIKESH. Today we celebrate the work of Doctors and Healthcare professionals in our country. In my life I have met some wonderful doctors, nurses , compounders and other medical staff... I’d like to thank all of them for their Honest Efforts to help people to ease or eradicate their pain. I really hope and pray that all doctors are doing the same for people of all ages , strata and religion. People put immense faith in doctors and we always hope for doctors to reciprocate that with selfless care and humanity. I’d like to wish all the selfless , honest , diligent and hardworking doctors a very Happy National Doctors Day. We thank you for your service.”  

Mohena Kumari

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Mohena Kumari opened up on her difficult days after testing positive for coronavirus, and her battle against the virus. She shared that the first few days were difficult as they were shaken after testing positive. Sharing that it was more of a mental pressure than physical, she said, “It is just that when you hear that you have got exposed to the virus, you just feel shaken. The night before we were to take the test, we felt the anxiousness. Going into it, physically, I had body ache for three-four days, I had intense pain and was unbearable. Also, my mother in laws fever was going up and was high, I just feel it is mental khel because you keep thinking what will happen now. But it can be tricky for old people."

Mohena Kumari

Talking about how the family members kept their spirit high as these situations can make you feel low, she shared, “We used to just peak from our doors and just ask each other if we are fine. It was not to break rules or anything.  You get low, you are going to get low at some point, everybody will get into depression zone, but you have identified that. What happens with depression is that it is like the black hole which sucks you in. It is your prerogative to get out of it. You can only do it by realizing you are getting sucked."

Singh and Rawat Family

She further shared that she held on to her husband, Suyash Rawat and communicated with him when she had anxiety on the 9th or 10th day and that helped her. She recollected, “On the 9th or 10th day, it was getting too much. What really helped was my husband. I had a lot of anxiety on those days but I just held his hands and stood and took positive energy from him."

Mohena Kumari Singh and Suyesh Rawat

She shared that communicating and being ‘selfless’ is most important during such times. She shared, “Be selfless instead of being selfish. That’s what we all did. We put our stress into taking care of our people. Also, communication is important because keeping. Everybody is different. If you keep things within you, you become a heavy person and keep suppressing. You need to keep energies going.” (Recommended Read: Geeta Basra Shares A Journey Video Of Her And Harbhajan With Birthday Song Sung By Their Daughter)

Mohena Kumari Singh and Suyesh Rawat

After being tested positive for coronavirus, Mohena had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared the difficult times in her family. She had written, “Can't sleep. These initial days have been difficult for all of us at home especially our young one and our elders. But I'm praying it'll all be over soon. We are fine. We have no rights to complain about anything as there are people out there who are suffering way more than us.” She had also thanked everyone for their love and support and had added, “But I'd like to thank you each one of you for all the messages, prayers and love you'll have been sending. It's keeping our spirits up. And we have so much gratitude in our hearts for you'll. Thank you all." (Don't Miss: Vanitha Vijayakumar's Hubby, Peter Paul's Son Calls Him An Alcoholic And A Man With Too Many Affairs)

Mohena Kumari Singh

We are glad that Mohena and her family have won against the vicious COVID-19!

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