12 Tips To Make Your Would-Be Wife's BFFs Fall In Love With You


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12 Tips To Make Your Would-Be Wife's BFFs Fall In Love With You

When you are about to tie the knot, as a man, it is your responsibility to give your future wife all the love, respect, care and happiness that she deserves. You also need to respect all the relationships that she has in her life at present, and nurture them forever. And, one such special relationship is that of her and her best friends! (And this goes both ways: 5 Smart Ways To Make Your Husband's Friends Fall In Love With You).

So, we decided to make things easier for you by getting you a list of all the things you need to do to make all her close friends love you with all their hearts and to always keep your lady love happy!

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#1. First of all, know what they mean to your partner

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Her best friends are the most important people in her life. They have been with her through thick and thin, and will be by her side whenever she needs them in the future too. So, accept it and respect this beautiful bond that she shares with them.

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#2. Be more interested in their lives

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Pay some heed to their life. Ask them about their work, their family and their interests. Initiate conversations and be genuinely interested.

#3. Do not brag about yourself

Not many people like the “I, Me, Myself” kind of people. If you are too proud to be who you are and talk big of yourself always, you are going to repel her friends further away from you instead of getting to know them any better. No matter how fabulous you think you are, refrain.

#4. Include them in your plans whenever possible

It does not mean that you stop going on alone dates with your future wife. Just try to plan movies or lunches together, so that you get time to relax and hang out together. Also, invite them yourself instead of telling your fiancee to call them.

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#5. Take their advice

When you are planning to give your fiancee a gift, or thinking of taking her out on a holiday, or just planning to give her a surprise birthday party, make sure you take their advice. They are the closest to her and so, will give you the correct advice and this gesture of yours will make them feel important too.

#6. Make them a part of your group

Invite them over when you are hanging out with your own group. Everybody will get to mingle, and they too will appreciate your efforts!

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#7. Do not try to alienate yourself as a couple when you all are out together

You will get plenty of time to spend all by yourself for the rest of your life, starting with your romantic honeymoon. That is why, make sure that when you are with them, you do not ignore and bore them.

#8. Thank them for being there

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Love her friends as much as you love yours; let them know that. If they know how much you value their friendship, they will value you the same way!

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#9. Involve them in the wedding planning

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In decisions such as the mehendi function or preparations for the bachelor’s night, setting up and decorating your room for your first night, etc.! Involve them.

#10. Never ask her to choose between them and you

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It will put her in a very difficult spot as you both mean the world to her. If you really love her, you would never do a thing as harsh as that!

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#11. Invite them over to your pad often

Not only when you go out, but also when you throw house parties or just casually, make sure you have them over. And when they are there, make them feel as ‘’at home’’ as possible!

#12. Never depend on your partner to start conversations between you and them

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It is your responsibility to start a healthy relationship with them. Your partner can only break the ice the first time, but not always. Unless they give you a cold response despite your repeated efforts, make sure you put in all your efforts to make this thing work.

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Always remember that genuine efforts never go to waste. So, now that you know what to do, it is time you go make a huge fan following.

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