Make Your Statement With Rose Gold


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Make Your Statement With Rose Gold

When someone talks about gold, you immediately think of a lustrous yellow metal. But do you know that this gold is available in pink colour? Oh yes, crown gold or rose gold as it is commonly known, is a metal which is grabbing attention across the globe. So let’s find out a little more about this metal.

How is Rose Gold made?

In order to give India’s favourite metal a pink tinge, jewelers add a small amount of copper to gold. The rose gold which is then formed has all the properties of gold and can be used to make all kinds of jewellery. Currently, rose gold watches are really popular with fashionistas across the globe.

Rose gold is available in up to 22 carats. It came to existence in the early 19th century in Russia and Russian marriages are incomplete without wedding bands created out of yellow, white and rose gold. When these three metals come together, they symbolize unity and togetherness and are considered auspicious for the newly married couple.

How to choose rose gold?
Now choosing rose gold can be tricky. A lot of jewelers add a lot of copper to the jewelry and pass it off as rose gold to unsuspecting people. So always go to a trusted jeweler while buying rose gold jewelry. Also, buy jewellery which has a hall mark certifying its authenticity and quality. Always insist for a receipt and a certificate, if possible, which declares the amount of gold and copper present in your jewellery.

Rose Gold: A Fashion Statement
Fashionistas love anything that is unique and fortunately rose gold falls under this category. Since it does not have much demand, rose gold is made to order which gives it an aura of exclusivity.

  • Rose gold, in the olden days was worn only by the aristocrats and thus is symbolizes royalty too.
  • Besides this, rose gold jewellery and watches suit every skin tone. Indians especially can carry off rose gold really well as it looks beautiful on their wheatish complexion.
  • Since rose gold is relatively unknown, it will definitely grab attention and people will compliment you for your good taste. It is an exotic metal and you must definitely own at least one chic rose gold piece.

Beauty of Rose Gold
Rose gold also looks very elegant and subtle as compared to flashy diamonds and blingy gold. So if you are going for a minimalist look, then rose gold is perfect for you.

  • Rose gold goes well with white, beige, black and other host of neutral colours.
  • Don’t pair it up with orange, red and pink though as it would clash horribly with them.
  • Rose gold engagement rings are really popular too. Indulge in some stunning rose gold engagement rings.

Another secret; rose gold jewellery is cheaper than gold jewellery. How is that possible? Well, copper comes very cheap and secondly the price of rose gold jewellery is determined by the price of the gold present in that jewellery, which is definitely quite less.

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