Lighting Styles For A Dazzling Wedding


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Lighting Styles For A Dazzling Wedding

Couples do not spare a single thought and effort, they are ready to walk an extra mile (if there is a need) and do any possible within their means to make their wedding truly memorable. Don’t you think lights form an important part of memory? If everything is shadowed, what will you look back to and smile?

Behold the whole new world of innovative wedding & reception lighting trends that lend a wedding a truly special appeal. Consult your wedding planner or the decoration in-charge about the best lighting option for the Big Day. Work out the illumination options in combination with your wedding theme and colors. Let the lights take care of transition from one ceremony to another, lending a new significant dimension to them. In between, just keep a tab on expenses. Make sure the wedding sparkle does not blow your budget.

As always, there is no dearth of design and layout ideas in this section of wedding decoration as well. The choice of any of the following lighting design depends upon the effect you want to create, moods you want to reflect and the statement to want to make. Check out the latest illumination trends:


Remember those big lights bucket like lamps pouring out light from above? The conventional mode of lighting just took a very unconventional form. These days, they are used to illuminate the room bottom up, filling the entire space with soft romantic glow. The effect is totally mesmerizing as light travels upwards, embracing the walls and trying to graze through the ceiling.

Pin Spotting

Highlighting selected decoration and design items with smart use of color lighting is a very popular trend. Against an overall wash of a uniform color, the pin spotted pieces appeal to the senses. Pin spotting is highly recommended if floral designs dominate the decoration theme for the wedding!

LED Mood-bars

These are segmented lighting units and are around 6 to 7 feet tall. Placed strategically along various edges of the wedding venue, for example, the entrance or the aisle, they can be used to create a soft welcoming effect. The segments can be set in different colors or one solid color for the whole evening. Either the color play is programmed or remote controlled, further enhancing your options for brilliant lighting effect.


Colorful lanterns look very exotic and sensuous. Ideal for dance floor lighting where the couple bridal can sway in each others’ arms matching their movements to a soft, romantic tune.


Monogram Projections

Use wash lighting against stencils to project the custom designed bridal monogram. It lends a personal touch to all the important parts of wedding décor, while making the couple feel that it is truly their day, their moment.


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