'Laapataa Ladies' Nitanshi Goel Reveals If She Has Boy Crush, Talks About Her Parents' Selfless Love

'Laapataa Ladies' actress, Nitanshi Goel, who played 'Phool' in the film, shared how her parents helped her to achieve her dreams. She revealed if she had a 'boy crush'.


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'Laapataa Ladies' Nitanshi Goel Reveals If She Has Boy Crush, Talks About Her Parents' Selfless Love

Nitanshi Goel, who played ‘Phool’ in Kiran Rao’s Laapataa Ladies, has gained immense popularity due to her simplistic yet impactful performance in the film. The 16-year-old actress and the entire star cast were much appreciated for their impeccable acting. Moreover, Kiran Rao’s film became an instant hit amongst the audience when it was released on the streaming platform, Netflix after its initial run in theatres. Recently, Nitanshi appeared on Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcast and spoke at length about her professional and personal life.

Nitanshi Goel explains why parents' love is the purest form of love

Nitanshi’s innocence and charming personality have led many to have a crush on her. Meanwhile, when Ranveer inquired if Nitanshi had a crush on any boy, she revealed having none while conversing on The Ranveer Show. The actress explained that there’s no love greater than one’s parents because their love is selfless. She further revealed that her mother and father put their respective lives and careers on the back burner and gave it their all to build her career. 

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Nitanshi also shared that her father left his business in Noida and is working in Mumbai, and her mother left her government job to be there for her. The actress emphasised that this is the actual definition of ‘true love’ for her. Nitanshi also added that she has no crush as of now. She said:

“No one can love you more selflessly than your parents. Both of them have left their respective lives just to make mine. I just wanted to act and be on TV, and with just that little thought, my father left his business in Noida, and he’s here doing a job. My mom left her government job, and she’s here for me. All of this was just because I wanted to be an actor. This is true love, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. So, no crush for now.”

Nitanshi Goel reveals she has been loving the attention from her fans

Further, during the conversation, Ranveer asked if Nitanshi had been getting the attention of boys after the release of Laapataa Ladies. The actress jokingly said, “Oh sajni re toh bohot chal raha hai,” and disclosed that she has been getting many love letters in her mail. Sharing that her mother reads all her emails, Nitanshi said:

“My mom is complaining to me that, ‘Nitanshi I read your emails because you don’t and you’re getting love letters!’ Videos of mothers saying they want a girl like Phool Kumari. They’re calling me cute names, Phool Kumari, and Sajni, they also make National Crush video edits. This is flattering, I love it! I’m enjoying it, it’s cute!”

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Nitanshi Goel recalls the reaction of people at her school

While conversing with Ranveer, Nitanshi also revealed that she could not sit for her class 11 finals as she was promoting her film, Laapataa Ladies, along with her entire cast. The Aamir Khan production film was released in theatres on March 1, 2024. Recalling how people at her school reacted to her film, Nitanshi said:

“So, I gave the exams later. During the exam, a teacher came to me and said, ‘You’ve done such good work!’ The invigilator, who was there, said, ‘Let her complete her exam then we all will get a chance to talk to her, click selfies with her and tell her how good she was.’ They all have rooted for me. I couldn’t tell them what exactly was the film I was doing earlier, but now that they’ve watched it I hope they’re proud of me.”

Check out the interview here.

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