Know Your Virgo Man


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Know Your Virgo Man

Virgo: 24th August – 23rd September

A favorite of those who prefer calm, cool, and an intellectual partner. A Virgo individual is a modest, simple man who is obsessed with daily productivity. He is a down-to-earth, introvert male who can do little in emotional circumstances. He prefers association with similar individuals who are reserved and has no outpourings of emotions. This certainly does not mean that a Virgo man cannot form a strong bonding. Though, he takes his own sweet time to fall in love, once he is hooked, indeed it is forever!

Your challenge

Virgos are known to be inflexible in nature, thus do not expect him to change easily. He will not accept new ideas unhesitatingly. Often, you will see a Virgo man inside his own shell quite unwillingly to incorporate changes in his life. Moreover, if you are seeking a partner who can express his love for you in thousand different ways, girl, look somewhere else!

How to Deal with Him

Virgos hate coarseness and prefer a partner with etiquette. Take utmost care of your manners and display in public or be prepared for a strong, not so good reaction. Also, as they have a wonderful eye for detail and enjoys perfection, pay special attention to your grooming. For sure, it will not go unnoticed from your Virgo man.

While, you may feel that a long-term relationship with a Virgo man may be a bit monotonous, it is not true in all cases. Give him the freedom to go and do things he desires, and he will keep coming back. 


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