Know Your Scorpio Man


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Know Your Scorpio Man

Scorpio: 24th October – 22nd October

Scorpio, the most powerful zodiac sign has such a magnetic personality that is just impossible to ignore. Women are obviously attracted to them, as they are infinitely sexy and addictive. Scorpio men are often secretive; however, they do not appreciate this trait in others. This intelligent sign will make all the efforts to discover your deepest secrets and most likely will read between the lines if you try to camouflage. Prone to obsession, a Scorpion is determined and decisive about everything, from his vocation to love life.

Your challenge:
Scorpions can be extremely moody and carry an explosive temper. Though, they generally get over their rage quickly, many a times it can lead to a grave situation. They are also known to be over protective, which may leave you with less space to breathe.

How to Deal with Him:
While, honesty is the backbone of any association, it is of utmost importance when dating a Scorpio man. Do not give him a reason to question your fidelity and never lie about anything. Remember he can read between the lines. If he feels he is seriously threatened, he will not hesitate to use his sting, even when he knows that the sting will kill the Scorpion itself.

Often, a Scorpio man will insist on being the partner in control, but surrendering yourself to a Scorpion will undoubtedly be a pleasure for a lifetime!


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