Know Your Leo Man


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Know Your Leo Man

Leo: 24th July – 23rd August

Leo, the king of the Jungle is a born leader. He possesses immense self-confidence and craves for attention and power. His commanding presence and masculinity is impossible to go unnoticed. He is generally strong, stubborn, and dominant. As a lover, he is romantic at heart and has a powerful sex drive. Ruled by the planet Sun, Leo man has an insatiable passion for life and takes pleasure in finer things. So, if you plan to date a Leon, be prepared to wine and dine, and be his queen!

Your challenge

Leos have huge ego and they are often self-obsessed. If you can accept and live with the lion’s ego, you will have someone great on your arm. In addition, they are highly jealous and possessive, and have zero tolerance for disloyalty. Do not give him a reason to doubt your fidelity. Leo male cannot digest the possibility of being second in line. He would prefer to walk away from you.

How to Deal with him

A Leo man thrives for a woman who is elegant and feminine. Do not expect him to praise you if you turn up in a wrinkled dress or tangled hair. To win him over always look your best as he will expect you to be an extension of himself.

Moreover, as gaining admiration and praise is one of the most important characteristics of Leo personality, flattery will certainly get you going! Compliment him on just about anything but make sure to sound genuine and sincere.

We all are unique individuals. While, astrology gives us an outline of possibilities, it is very much possible that your man is somewhat different. Do let us know through comments if we have missed on something about your Leo man.


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