Know Your Cancer Man


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Know Your Cancer Man

Cancer: 22nd June – 23rd July

Cancer men are often difficult to understand at first. You can’t take them at their face value. Just like their symbol, the Crab, they are self protective and sensitive. Cancerians have a hard exterior and a vulnerable interior. However, they can make a wonderful lifetime partner as they are emotional, affectionate, and careful about feelings of others. Security, stability, and comfort are the biggest assets you earn when dating a Cancerian guy. They unusually make great, faithful husbands, and kind, supportive fathers.

Your challenge

While it may look perfect to date a Cancerian man, read further to make up your mind. Ruled by planet moon, they have a reputation of moodiness. Emotional fluctuations are very high amongst Cancerians. They demand complete attention and can be easily jealous and dominating.

How to Deal with Him

Cancer men tend to fall in love easily, but have zero tolerance for rejection. If you are dating a Cancer man, stay involved only if you are ready to commit. Also, as they are known to be highly romantic creatures, keep the romance alive. Consider seducing him somewhere near the water, perhaps on a deserted beach or even in your bathroom. Cancer is a water sign so; they are known to be comfortable and ready for love around water.

Overall, love with a Cancer man is a sure sign of long and lasting relationship. He can be a perfect family guy who will give his best to keep your dreams alive! 



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