Separated From Wife, Nana Fell For Manisha But Never Married Her Or Divorced His Wife


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Separated From Wife, Nana Fell For Manisha But Never Married Her Or Divorced His Wife

He is not a charmer in his looks but he gained number with his acting skills and physique. Nana Patekar was a rage during the 90s era. He gave a number of momentous performances during that era. Like his roles, his personal life was also in the talks. Read more to know about his affair with a beautiful actress, Manisha Koirala and how the trouble trigged in their paradise.

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Start of an intense love affair

Nana Patekar And Manisha Koirala

It was during the year 1996 when Nana Patekar fell in love with the Nepalese beauty, Manisha Koirala during the shooting for the movie Agni Sakshi. The actress, Manisha was just out of a relationship with actor Vivek Mushran. She couldn’t help but fell in love with Nana’s ominous charisma. And hence, the two started dating each other secretly during the making of the movie.

The secret love became public

Nana Patekar And Manisha Koirala

After working together in Agni Sakshi, they were also seen sharing the screen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Khamoshi which was released in the same year, 1996. By this time, the news about their off-screen chemistry and their strong love affair had spread like fire. To add to the news, Manisha’s neighbours also informed that Nana was also spotted many times leaving her house early in the morning.

To this, when asked in one of the interviews, Nana retorted:

“She often visited my mother and son and they received her with affection.”

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Problems in their love: Infidelity the cause

Issues In Love Affair Between Nana Patekar And Manisha Koirala

Both Nana and Manisha were known for their temper and were found fighting on many occasions. Being in the relationship, Nana grew highly possessive towards Manisha and would object on different issues, like wearing revealing clothes or being intimate with her co-stars. This heated their relationship to the extent that they both were not talking to each other for a bit. This was also the phase, where Manisha even after being in love with Nana wasn’t sure where her relationship with him will head.

Issues In Love Affair Between Nana Patekar And Manisha Koirala

Even though Nana was already living separately from his wife, he couldn’t take the plunge and settle with Manisha for a marriage. Soon after his wedding that happened in the year 1978, Nana was blessed with his first son. The final nail in the coffin was when Manisha herself spotted Nana and Ayesha Jhulka in a closed room in an intimate moment. That is when Manisha shrieked at Ayesha and said:

“Get off my man, you bi***.”

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These were truly some harsh words by Manisha for the famous actress of that era, Ayesha but this didn’t affect Nana and he never went ahead and tried to mend his relationship with Manisha. In any case, Manisha wasn’t ready to see any other woman in Nana’s life and hence, decided to move on.

Post-breakup reaction by Nana

Post Breakup Reaction Of Nana For Manisha

While it felt as if Nana wasn't much affected by the breakup but in reality, the case was completely the opposite. To one of the leading magazine, he was quoted as saying:

"She is the most sensitive actress around. She is like a kasturi hiran, she still needs to realise that she doesn't need to keep pace with anyone. She has it all and that's more than enough. I can barely hold back the tears when I see what she's doing to herself. Maybe I don't have anything to say about her today! A break-up is a very difficult phase. You have to experience it to know the pain. I can't describe the pain I went through. Please, let's not talk about this. I miss Manisha!"

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End of love affair: life moved on

Nana Patekar And Manisha Koirala

As they say, life moves on and so, it happened with Nana and Manisha too. Manisha then dated other men like DJ Whosane, Crispin Conroy, Cecil Anthony and then, settled to a Nepali businessman, Samrat Dahal by getting married in the year 2010 but in just two years, she divorced him. On the other hand, Nana and Ayesha started living together and made their relationship official to the public.

Nana And Wife Nilkanti

But he always regretfully spoke about his wife and said that she will always be the pillar of strength of his life. In one of the interview then, he was quoted as saying:

"Nilkanti and I shared numerous years of happiness together. We supported each other through thick and thin. But, over the years, we developed certain irreconcilable differences and grew apart. Today, we continue to be married but stay separately."

Nana Patekar With Son And Wife

After all the ups and downs, Nana is still together with his wife, Nilkanti. Nana Patekar lost his first son, post two-and-half years after his father expired. As their son had a lot of health issues, after this incident, his wife accepted Nana immediately. Sharing his thought about his son, Nana was quoted as saying:

"Slowly, when I started loving him, it was time for him to go. I am a mediocre human being. I was more concerned about what people would say instead of getting attached to that child. Slowly, he grabbed me and when he died I realized. I knew that he would die and yet I was more worried about what people would say.”

It’s sad to know that the strong love between Nana and Manisha died gradually due to circumstances. We really wish and hope both are happy in their respective lives. All you readers, stay tuned with us to know more unknown stories about your favourite celebs from the Bollywood duniya.

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