Kareena Versus Vidya Baby Bump


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Kareena Versus Vidya Baby Bump

Before you jump to any conclusions, neither Vidya Balan nor Kareena Kapoor is actually pregnant! Both the leading ladies of Bollywood are sporting Baby Bumps for their current projects.

While Kareena’s ‘Heroine’ is still under production, Vidya Balan’s ‘Kahaani’ has just been released. Reportedly, Vidya has again impressed the audience with her portrayal of a pregnant, troubled lady. Most analysts say that she looks rather convincing as a pregnant woman and her Baby Bump is quite realistic.

On the contrary, images of Kareena Kapoor with her Baby Bump for the Madhur Bhandarkar production might not be as impressive. Some people say this is mainly because Kareena’s looks are being compared with Balan’s.

While Vidya Balan has a naturally-broader frame and is yet to lose the pounds she gained for the ‘Dirty Picture’, Kareena has sustained her rather thin silhouette. This significant weight difference with Vidya Balan’s bigger and maternally-expressive eyes ensure that she holds the edge as the more compelling portrayer of an expectant mother.

However, this is just our opinion. Please comment and let us know whose Baby Bump you find more believable?



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