Karan Kundra And VJ Anusha Dandekar Get Candid About Love And Their Relationship


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Karan Kundra And VJ Anusha Dandekar Get Candid About Love And Their Relationship

Lovebirds Karan and Anusha are always in the limelight for all good reasons when it comes to their love filled and healthy relationship. They not only score good when it comes to their professionals lives, but they are amazing in their personal lives as well.

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Many of you might not know that this ‘made for each other’ couple is recently hosting the second season of Love Gurus as love professors. And lately, in an interview with a leading entertainment portal, this cutesy couple got candid and revealed a lot about their journey of love and much more.

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When these lovebirds were asked how they make the perfect love professors, Anusha instantly stated:

“We are mature now (Laughs) Though my mom and dad would laugh at this statement. Both of us had relationships in the past and we have learnt a lot. Be it good or bad, it has been a learning process. Everybody should embrace a break-up and move on. Karan and I were pretty sorted in our heads about our wants. We found each other and we don’t want to change each other.”

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And when asked to describe their journey of being in love with each other so far, gorgeous lady Anusha excitedly stated:

"Our journey has been of a great friendship. We were never friends but when we got to know each other, we became friends during the relationship. And we have lot of fun and he does things like this (Karan plants a kiss on Anusha) and he is very naughty."

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She further added:

“We travel a lot, hang out a lot and the funny thing is, we are not sick of each other. There are some relationships where you need space and want time out for yourself, we didn’t have such a moment.”

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We have seen quite a lot of times that when Anusha and Karan are far from each other, busy with their respective work schedules, they flirt on social media. So, when asked about this, the VJ said:

"We didn’t wake up one morning and declare our love for each other on social media. It was a gradual process. People call us up and tell us we give them #couplegoals. Apparently we are getting many couples into trouble as they want to be like us. Be the truth is, we don’t pose for a pic. It’s just natural. Everybody should just chill out."

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On the other hand, Karan Kundra was quoted saying:

“I know! People are sick of us (Laughs). This is my first relationship which is sorted.”

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And hold on guys, that’s not all! When asked about insecurities in this relationship, Karan revealed:

“She doesn’t have any insecurities but I do. It starts with trust issues. But then we got to know each other, our parents also got involved and now we are clear in our heads.”

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And just then, Anusha interrupted and unveiled:

“Basically he was afraid that I will leave him.”

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And Karan added:

“Which I still am. Yeh ladki mujhe chhod degi.”

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Fights are a major part of relationship and sometimes those little nok jhoks are worth it. So, when the cuties were asked that who fights the most, Anusha quoted:

“Oh! Him! He has issues when it comes to expressing himself and I used to be mad. But then I got to know him and now I ask him very nicely. But he is very moody.”

She further added:

“We do fight and have our share of disagreements. But we get over it quickly.”

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Suddenly, Kundra interrupts and said:

“Pehle puri band baja degi, then she will make me say sorry and then things calm down.”

Aww...these two are awwdorable!

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These two lovebirds, Anusha and Karan also talked about the most romantic thing they have done for each other in their relationship. Anusha gushed:

“I told him I love puppies and in five days I found a pup (Monster) on my doorstep.”

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And our hottie gushed too:

“We were shooting in a palace in Jaipur and it’s in a jungle and I don’t know how she managed it but she threw a surprise birthday party for me. She got cakes, arranged everything, got me the exact watch which I had longed for. I didn’t have a clue because she told me she’s gone out for a shoot.”

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Anusha added:

“I got six cakes for him in different shapes – a beer bottle, Harley Davidson and many others. I tried hard to hide all the gifts from him.”

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Last but not the least, they shared one thing each that they want to tell each other, but haven't so far. Here’s Karan stated:

“I don’t hide anything from her. I might forget to tell her day-to-day things like feeding her puppy.”

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And then, Anusha stated:

“Please get rid of your mood swings and don’t use gaalis in the morning.”

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It’s completely evident that how much Karan and Anusha love each other. We wish that they stay like this madly in love with each other forever. And all you guys, check out this space for the latest updates related to your favourite celebs!

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