Karan Johar Pens An Emotional Tribute For Father Yash Johar As Dharma Productions Completes 40 Years

On October 8, 1980, Dharma Productions had released its first film, 'Dostana' and to mark the milestone, Karan Johar penned an emotional tribute for his father, Yash Johar.


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Karan Johar Pens An Emotional Tribute For Father Yash Johar As Dharma Productions Completes 40 Years

In 1976, Yash Johar had founded Dharma Productions, which is one of India's top film production houses today, and it was later taken over by his equally talented son, Karan Johar. Dharma Productions is the most sought-after production house in the country with over 50 blockbusters in its kitty. Setting new benchmarks in the Indian film industry, Dharma Productions is synonymous to prestige, elegance, versatility and success. The films produced by Dharma Productions had brought a fresh and modern outlook to the Indian cinema. (Also Read: Irrfan Khan's Son, Babil Shares A Picture Of His Tomb, Reveals How His 'Baba' Used To teach Him)

“It’s all about loving your parents” was not just a tagline of Karan Johar’s film, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, it is his reality. Karan’s parents are his world and his life is all about them. As quoted by him, “For me, it will always be, ‘It’s all about loving your parents.’” Karan believes that living with parents is a strong part of his DNA and films like Baghban (in which children abandon their parents) are an alien concept for him, which he’ll never be able to make. Karan had lost his father, Yash Johar in 2004 and he is ‘still struggling with the loss’. As Karan believes, he lost his father but gained a God for life. Karan named his kids, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar after his parents, late Yash Johar and Hiroo Johar.

Karan Johar

On October 8, 1980, Dharma Productions had released its first film, Dostana starring Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha and Zeenat Aman. As it completed 40 years, Karan Johar penned an emotional tribute for his father, Yash Johar to mark the milestone of Dharma Productions. Remembering Yash ji on the special day, Karan wrote, “40 years ago, on this date you released your first film DOSTANA and thus began a company that was so close to your heart... all your tremendous karma is in every sunshine ray of @dharmamovies... all we have done is bask in the glory of your goodwill... we stand tall because of your teachings and pray everyday that you are proud of all of us Papa! Dharma is a result of so many of us who strive everyday to spread cheer at the movies... we miss you... but we feel your hand on our head and that gives us the courage to combat and to create... I love you so much Papa…”

Yash Johar and Karan Johar

In Hindustan Times’ five-part series, #LetsTalkAboutOurElderly, Karan Johar had talked about how his parents, Yash Johar and Hiroo Johar shaped his life. Recalling the teary-eyed moment when Yash ji kept on telling him and Hiroo ji that he doesn’t want to leave them and go, Karan had said, “I lost my father in 2004 and I’m still struggling with the loss. When my father, Yash Johar, was dying, he kept telling us he didn’t want to leave us and go. My mother and I cried a lot. We still do. I walk into her room and even today, I find her talking to his photograph. I have conversations with him, in my head, on a daily basis. He gives me strength and completes me in every way. I lost my father but gained a god for life. My world collapsed for a long time after I saw my father’s remains being consumed by the electric crematorium. The thought of feeding him to an oven haunts me till today.” (Also Read: When Shah Rukh Khan Asked His Wife, Gauri Khan To Change Her Name To 'Ayesha' And Wear A 'Burqa')

Karan Johar and Hiroo Johar

How his kids, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar came as a tiny light after the demise of his father, Yash Johar, Karan Johar had spoken about his ‘big emotional investment’. He had said, “Having children of my own has been my big emotional investment. A light went out when my father died and a tiny light came on when my son and daughter were born. My mother and I regained some of our spirit and I think it had a lot to do with me naming my son, Yash, after my father. My mother was delirious with joy when I told her I was naming him Yash. My daughter, Roohi, takes her name, with alphabets rearranged, from my mother’s name, Hiroo.”

Karan Johar, Hiroo Johar, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar

On Father’s Day 2019, Karan Johar had taken to Instagram to post a throwback picture of himself with his late father, Yash Johar. Hoping to become a father to his kids, Yash Johar and Roohi Johar, like Yash ji was to him, Karan had written, “Papa! We have a daughter named after mom and a son named after you... you would have pinched their cheeks like you always pinched mine! They call me dada! And I want to be the father to them that you were to me... #happyfathersday.” (Also Read: Rhea Chakraborty's Mother, Sandhya Says She Had Suicidal Thoughts When Her Daughter Was In Jail)

Yash Johar

Congratulations Dharma Productions on achieving this milestone!

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