5 Tips To Shop Jewellery That Seems Expensive But Is Pocket-Friendly


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5 Tips To Shop Jewellery That Seems Expensive But Is Pocket-Friendly

No one needs an expensive jewellery to emanate glory. Plus, not everyone can afford classy pieces of jewellery that are heavy on pocket. Why not pick the ones that look expensive, but are pocket-friendly? Isn’t it cool enough! All you need is to get rid of those pieces you already wear, and replace them with better and more stylish ones.

You can buy real inexpensive jewellery that looks classy, luxurious, and simply dazzling. It is better to avoid wearing tell-tale jewellery that’s shouting out loud, ‘I am cheap and bought for pennies’. You can be wise and good with your choice, and wear them like a diva. To lay out this trick, it is pivotal to know what’s good and what’s not. Here is a guide to help you steer clear of the bad and bright choices of teenage. Scroll on and have a look!

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Tip #1. Relinquish jewellery with multi-coloured stones, choose monochromatic ones

Monochromatic Jewellry

It is very important to act according to your age. Things that you used to wear during your teenage, won’t work for you at present. Give up on jewellery with a mix of multi-coloured beads and stones that essentially look cheap. Monochromatic choices are certainly better as shown in the picture above. Semi-precious stones have that eye-catching appeal than the cheap plastic ones. So, why don’t you give them a place in your jewel box?

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Tip #2. Don’t go by sparkle, choose the sober one

Choker Jewellery

The more it shines, the more fake it will appear! A huge sparkling necklace might be an easy way of toning down the dullness of your attire, but it won't work at all. It is better to choose something sober, darker and subtle in jewellery rather than bright and sparkling pieces. You can also go with the vintage jewel pieces, or something with an ethnic charm like geometrical chokers.  

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Tip #3. Pick the one that is skin-friendly

Skin-friendly jewellery

Image Courtesy: Serendipity Diamonds Blog

Say no to jewellery that leaves your skin green or tarnished. Avoid nickel and copper jewellery as they leave telling marks on your skin. These residue marks not just look bad, but they also tell about the inexpensiveness of your jewellery. Rather, find the one that is skin-friendly, and does not leave any residue behind.

Tip #4. Go by heavy jewellery with excellent polish

Heavy Jewellry

Every side of your jewellery is telling something or the other. Do not opt for too flimsy jewels with poor polish or colours that might get washed out later. Also, it is better not to pick lightweight jewellery, which might reveal that you have bought it from a local market store. Instead of these baubles, get something weighty that is worthy buying, and is modish at the same time.

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Tip #5. Select a delicate piece

Delicate Jewellery

Those delicate jewel pieces in big brands and showrooms can actually make a big hole in your account. But what if you get that same piece of jewellery somewhere else at reasonable prices? The funda is that you need to be choosy enough, and select a piece that is delicate, elegant, and attractive instead of being too bulky and heavy.

These tips will come handy to you while picking jewel pieces to make a statement. With these discussed tips, you might fetch a good deal and luxurious options within your budget. 

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