7 Jewellery Ideas For The Brides Who Do Not Wish To Wear Gold On Their Wedding


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7 Jewellery Ideas For The Brides Who Do Not Wish To Wear Gold On Their Wedding

Gold and Indian bridal jewellery are almost synonymous with each other. Be it any part of our country, almost every bride wants to don beautiful gold jewellery on her wedding day. However, there are also a few, who wish to be different and break the gold monopoly by wearing something else on their big day! And, if you too are one of those, then this guide can surely help you to decide on the perfect non-gold jewellery sets for your wedding. So, read on to find out the best jewellery type for yourself!

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#1. Pearls

pearl jewellery
Image Courtesy: Eekani Jewels Collection at IIJW 2012 (left), Moni Agarwal Collection at IIJW 2013 (right)

Pearls have been a hot choice of the kings and queens for centuries. So, if you wish to look like an empress on your wedding day without wearing gold, then pearls fit the bill aptly. Their subtle yet regal appeal can simply make you look like a diva on your big day. You can opt for anything from a bold pearl choker or a pearl satlada (seven-stringed) necklace, and team it up with a pair of big pearl earrings. And, do not feel restricted with their white or off-white hue, as there are coloured pearls too. You would be flattered with their vast range that includes golden, black, peach, lavender, yellow and many other colours.

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#2. Coloured gemstones

coloured gemstones jewellery
Image Courtesy: Malca Amit Show at IIJW 2015

Well, the coloured gemstones are not all about the red (ruby), green (emerald) or blue (sapphire) ones. There are a lot of other shades including yellow, purple, brown, black and grey. So, the world of hued gemstones is open for your bridal jewellery set. Whatever be the shade of the attire you are wearing on your wedding, you can simply match it with the coloured gemstones. Again, you have a choice of going with precious and semi-precious gemstones or opting for coloured diamonds too.

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#3. Crystals

crystal jewellery
Image Courtesy: IIJW 2012 (left), Nirav Modi Collection at IIJW 2013 (right)

If you are looking for a set of strikingly shiny pieces, then look no beyond than the beautiful crystals. Apart from the bright white ones, there are also a myriad colour options in which you will find crystal jewellery. So, if you want to wear contrasting jewellery with your bridal outfit, a chunky crystal neckpiece with matching earrings, bracelets and rings can complete your look.

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#4. Platinum

platinum jewellery
Image Courtesy: Amazon India

Known for its refined white hue, platinum can be an ideal alternate for the yellow metal. It is said to be 30 times rarer than gold, making it much more expensive than the latter. The best feature of platinum is that it does not get oxidised or tarnished. The platinum jewellery usually comprises of 95 per cent pure platinum and 5 per cent other metals that add to its shine. This precious white metal gives the designs and carvings a sharper look, and thus, makes the jewellery pieces made with it extremely beautiful. You can go for a platinum set studded with precious stones, especially diamonds. The combination of platinum and diamonds looks truly stunning as the two complement each other very well. And, if you are looking for something in this metal for your man as well, then you can get the sleek and stylish platinum bands.

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#5. Palladium

palladium jewellery
Image Courtesy: Etsy

Belonging to the family of platinum metal, palladium is yet another precious and bright white metal used to make beautiful jewellery pieces. It is sturdier than platinum and has higher scratch resistance than that. At the same time, it has lesser density than platinum, and hence, it is lighter as well as cheaper. Palladium jewellery does not get tarnished and is hypoallergenic too. So, if you have any kind of metal allergies, then jewellery pieces in this metal are the perfect picks for you.

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#6. Sterling silver

silver jewellery
Image Courtesy: Apala by Sumit Sawhney at IIJW 2014

Once treasured more than gold, silver has been a symbol of classiness. The popular demand has made gold a pricey metal to possess, whereas silver has turned into the most inexpensive one among the precious metals. You can break the cliché of the inseparable union of gold and Indian wedding by opting for silver jewellery. A recent variant in this regard is sterling silver, where pure silver is mixed with copper or other metal to add to its durability and sturdiness. Ideally, the high-quality sterling silver jewellery must contain 92.5 per cent of silver. Depending on your preference, you can choose from its various hues that range from bright white, greyish white or the ones with a shiny or a matte finish. You can opt for sterling silver trinkets with detailed carvings. For a more dazzling look, pick the ones that are embellished with ruby or emerald stones, semi-precious beads, zircon or American diamonds. Another alluring option can be sterling silver trinkets with intricate filigree work, especially if you seek a vintage look. They give a rich appeal, and yet do not burn a hole in your pocket. The only aspect you have to be a little careful about is its care. As they tend to tarnish after a while, make sure that you store them in a cool and dry place.

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#7. Titanium

titanium jewellery
Image Courtesy: Amazon India

We know it for its usage in industrial applications, but today, it has entered the wedding jewellery market, and is loved a lot by the new-age brides. This extremely lightweight metal can be your pick, if you do not want to opt for the chunky and heavy ornaments. Especially, if you are looking for a perfect match for any of your dresses that you intend to wear on your pre-wedding functions, then it can meet your needs. Titanium jewellery mostly has a black, silver or grey appearance. It does not contain any alloys, and is one of the strongest metals that are converted into jewellery.

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With a little research and a bit of creativity, you can attain your dream look on your wedding without investing in gold. However, as not all of them might be very widely available in wedding jewellery collections, we would recommend you to get on to the task well before your big day. So, take your pick and get going girl!

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