Jaya Bachchan Says She's Cold With People She Doesn't Like, Reacts To Calling Suchitra Sen Overrated

Jaya Bachchan talked about a lot of things, including the actress with whom she loved to work with, calling Suchitra Sen 'overrated', quitting acting at the peak of her career, and more.


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Jaya Bachchan Says She's Cold With People She Doesn't Like, Reacts To Calling Suchitra Sen Overrated

Jaya Bachchan is hands down one of the most talented actresses in the Hindi film industry. The veteran actress swooned the hearts of her zillion fans with her incomparable acting mettle. From the beginning of her career until now, Jaya has been proving her mettle in the industry. In a recent interview, the actress divulged details about her acting journey and revealed what kind of role she would want to do in the future.

Jaya Bachchan talks about her acting journey 

On April 9, 2024, Jaya Bachchan turned 76 years old. And for the same, the actress' well-wishers have been showering love on her. Amid all this, she sat for an interview with Times Now and talked about several aspects of her life. On being asked if her fashion segments, including cotton saree, puffed-sleeved blouse, and open hair, from her movies of the '90s, have become a rage among the women in the country, Jaya stated that she just did what felt to her right. The veteran actress further mentioned that the things that don't come to her naturally, seem to be unacceptable to her. Jaya said:

"Me, a fashion icon? Oh, I thought other actresses were fashion icons. I was just…I just wore and did what seemed right for me. To me, the thought of doing anything that doesn't come naturally to me seems unacceptable. That applies to both my personal and professional dealings."

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Jaya Bachchan reveals she takes her job as Rajya Sabha member very seriously

Further in the interview, Jaya Bachchan was told that each of her films did extremely well at the box office, and there had been no one other than Hema Malini to challenge her reign at that time. To this, the veteran actress mentioned that she just focused on the quality and quantity of the work. The actress further talked about moving on from the film industry and looking after her family. She added when the two boys in her life, Abhishek and Amitabh, didn't need her presence compulsively, she became a Rajya Sabha member, and she also took this job seriously. Jaya stated:

"I never thought of all that. I just did the quality and quantity of work that suited me. Then I moved on to look after my home and family. When the two boys in my life don't need my presence that compulsively, I took on the responsibility of being a Rajya Sabha member. That was no self-indulgence for me. I took my job as a Parliamentarian very seriously."

Jaya Bachchan on when she will return to the screens

In the same interview, Jaya Bachchan was asked when she would return to the screen as her fans are eager to witness her acting mettle. Replying to the same, the veteran actress shared that she doesn't find appropriate roles to portray nowadays. Jaya further added that she is not someone who does a lot of homework but all she does is spadework, which is basically instantly forming an image of the character the script describes. The actress mentioned that she had to be very careful about how the camera would catch her. 

Jaya Bachchan heaps praise on Preity Zinta

When asked about her acting strategies, Jaya stated that she can also be indifferent. Talking more about the same, the actress shared that she loved working as an on-screen mom to Preity Zinta in the film, Kal Ho Na Ho. She also heaped praise on Preity and called her a very warm and fun person. Jaya can be quoted as saying:

"I must tell you I was very comfortable with Preity Zinta. I loved playing her mother In Kal Ho Na Ho. She's full of fun, a very warm person and totally tension-free. She speaks a nine to the dozen. Every now and then she'd come and hug me and say, "You're the best screen mom I've had."

Jaya Bachchan shares she can be cold with people she doesn't like

Going further, Jaya Bachchan was asked if she is someone who doesn't encourage over-friendliness. To this, the veteran actress shared that she loves the outward demonstration of affection, and a little hug can win her over and over again. The actress also added that it can also happen that she goes completely cold with someone, which is mainly because she doesn't like that person. In Jaya's words:

"I love outward demonstrations of affection. A sincere hug can win me over for a lifetime. But I can't be that way with everyone. I can get very cold with people I don't like."

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Jaya Bachchan reacts to calling Suchitra Sen overrated

In the concluding segment of the interview, Jaya Bachchan was asked about her decision to quit acting when she was at the peak of her career, just like Suchitra Sen. Replying to it, Jaya added that although, she was portrayed as 'mother India', she did what she felt was right for her, and no one can make her do what she doesn't want to.

Bachchan Family

Back in the time, Jaya Bachchan received a lot of flak for calling her contemporary, Suchitra Sen 'overrated'. The actress, who doesn't mind calling a spade a spade, in an interview with media guru, Pritish Nandy called Suchitra 'overrated'. However, in the recent interview, when asked about the same, the veteran actress stated:

"I always speak too much."

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