It Is Cool To Repeat: 5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Genelia And Her Lehenga


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It Is Cool To Repeat: 5 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Genelia And Her Lehenga

Genelia Deshmukh D’souza’s brother got hitched on April 15, 2015, and she chose to wear the same lehenga for his wedding that she wore at her brother-in-law Dheeraj Deshmukh's wedding in 2012. And, media went berserk with pointing this out to the entire world (as if, Genelia wasn’t aware of it!).

Well, we personally loved to see a celeb as stunning and stylish as her, wear the same dress again.

Genelia And Her Lehenga

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Now we often come across girls, who would prefer to be caught dead than repeating the dress that they wore for their sister’s engagement or their best friend’s wedding. If you don’t agree with this, then put your hand on your heart and think, if not yourself, then how many of you have at least one friend or cousin, who would sulk at the thought of having to wear the same dress twice. What’s more? It doesn’t matter if that dress is being worn for two entirely different and unconnected crowds. Statements like, “it is out of fashion” or “everyone has seen the pics”, will be flying around.

So, let us tell you why we feel that Genelia and her lehenga are absolutely rocking:

#1. A lehenga that is close to heart

Riteish and Genelia tied the knot on February 3, 2012; and Dheeraj Deshmukh got married on February 27, 2012. So, this was the first official family wedding that Genelia got to be a part of as the Deshmukh bahu, and that would make everything about that celebration, including the lehenga even more special for her. Maybe that is why; this lehenga is close to her heart. And, we totally heart anything that gives us a chance to get an emotional-high; that is why we totally love this lehenga!

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Genelia And Her Lehenga

#2. An outfit that becomes a keepsake

For Genelia, her lehenga is now more of a treasure trove of memories. Along with her, the dress too has witnessed two happy occasions in her close family. From her brother-in-law’s wedding to her brother’s, she has simply turned an outfit into a keepsake and a memento of two happy occasions in her life. There are very few dresses that would make you as nostalgic as your own wedding lehenga, and what you wear at your siblings’ wedding is definitely one such, right? Again, we are emotional fools out here, and high-five for this decision Genelia!

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Genelia And Her Lehenga

#3. It is a classic. And, a new trend in making?

Yes, that Sabyasachi lehenga is a classic. Green and red are evergreen Indian wedding colours, and the heavy work on it, makes it even more stunning. And, maybe that is what made her wear this lehenga again (sorry, but we are going to keep the word ‘repeat’ off this list now). Well, if you really like an outfit and it complements you, then go ahead and wear it. Also, who says wearing the same outfit is a fashion faux pas? Who says wearing same outfit again is not a trend? Well, with this, Genelia might have started a trend, and we like it!

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Genelia And Her Lehenga

#4. No problem in being different (even through repetition)!

At her sangeet ceremony, Kareena Kapoor wore same jewellery that she wore years ago at her sister Karisma’s wedding (Read Here). Well, if jewellery can be repeated, then what is the big deal with an outfit? Also, we have seen copycats in Bollywood. Divas have been caught wearing same or similar outfits every now and then. But, how many times have we seen them repeating their own outfit? Well, maybe just a handful or even less. And, don’t you think Genelia herself knows that she has worn it before? Obviously she does, and that is what makes her different. And, we totally love that attitude. You go girl!

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#5. No more of, “But I have worn that once” or “Everyone has seen my pic in it on FB”

It is a saving grace for all those mothers, who are tired of hearing their daughters crib about, “Maa, you can’t expect me to wear the same saree that I wore to my colleague’s wedding two years back, to chachi ji ke behn ke bete ke beti ki wedding”, or “Arre sabne Facebook pe meri pics dekhi hui hain in that anarkali, how can I wear it again?” Forget about your FB friend list, hadn’t Genelia been clicked enough at one wedding for the entire nation to remember what she wore? And yet, she chose to wear it again and that too with such grace.

Genelia And Her Lehenga

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So, we totally heart Genelia’s choice of wearing the same lehenga at two different weddings. Not everyone has lakhs to shell out on shopping sprees. What’s more? Genelia shows it that even though you have all the money and stylists in the world, there are some things that are meant to be ‘repeated’ once in a while! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.