Is Your Biological Clock Ticking?

Is Your Biological Clock Ticking?

The concept of Biological Clock is largely misunderstood by most people. Some people think of it as an unbearable urge to get married or be intimately involved with someone. However, the Biological Clock of a woman can be best described as a mindset where she yearns for having a child. This is why some psychologists refer to Biological Clock as akin to having ‘baby fever’. This isn't a psychological or pathological condition. This is just a mindset many women are prone to developing where they are emotionally obsessed about becoming a mother.

Understanding What Constitutes a Biological Clock

Today, woman in their mid-30s, with an established career, and having found the perfect husband, often find their Biological Clock ticking. Earlier, when marriages happened much younger, the age group of 27 to 34 years was regarded more prone to developing such strong childbearing instincts.

The concept of a Biological Clock isn't based on speculation alone. It has been medically established that the best fertility years of a woman are around the age of 35 years. After this, the overall reproductive health is prone to declining. Thus, as a female approaches her mid-30s, the body transmits stronger signals to indicate that the best childbearing years are about to end. Since hormones have an enhanced affect on the female psyche, it is postulated that hormone-induced reactions activate the Biological Clock. This is why women who haven’t had children until their late-30s are more to having a rather seriously-ticking Biological Clock.

How do you know that your Biological Clock is ticking?

If you get overwhelmed with the thought of having a baby repeatedly, your Biological Clock might have already started ticking. Following are some typical examples of how this happens:

-  Your, hotter-than-Salman Khan boyfriend is working-out in the gym. You start thinking that someone with so much muscle power is bound to be very fertile, full of testosterone—just about perfect to have babies with!

-  The idea of changing diapers no longer repulses you. In fact, you are now eager to help out your cousins or friends in handling their babies.

-  Your periods are about to be due. Rather than getting worried as usual, you start thinking that this is God’s way of preparing you for motherhood that presents similar discomforts.

-  All of a sudden, your sister’s baby seems like an angel. You are ready to give-up on going to parties just to hold the baby in your arms.

-  You cannot stop yourself from visiting maternity apparel stores and shuffle through baby-wear. Even at office, you keep browsing through web stores offering clothing for young mommies.

-  When talking to your friends, the concept of a good neighborhood suddenly includes security for kids and easy availability of schools.

-  You prompt and point to babies to your boyfriend/husband even if he seems disinterested.

-  You stand in front of the mirror with a pillow stuffed under your dress, posing as an expectant mother, coyly smiling.

These are just some of the indications, we believe, are most common. Have you felt any of these? Did you get any particular type of yearning that guided you towards embracing motherhood?

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