Professional Planners Of F5 Weddings Reveal The Latest Wedding Trends And Much More For Our Readers


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Professional Planners Of F5 Weddings Reveal The Latest Wedding Trends And Much More For Our Readers

No matter how hard one tries, the charm that a professional wedding planner can add to a wedding celebration is hard to be matched by anyone else. While a professional planner makes the lives of the soon-to-be married couples a lot easier, the thought that they are expensive, stops them from hiring one.

Well, if you too have such doubts related to hiring a wedding planner, then here is something for you. Join us in the enlightening discussion with the renowned wedding planner, F5 Weddings, and get all your doubts cleared!

#1. Tell us about your company and your team. And, what has been the idea behind the name- F5 Weddings?

We are the Mumbai-based wedding planners who provide a one-stop solution for weddings and related events in India for the new-age couples. Recognised as a young bunch of wedding planners, we at F5 Weddings are known for our weddings with a twist. From the first dance to the last goodbye, we bring equal style and detail to every event.

Talking about our name, F5 is the refresh button on your keypad. And, that is how we work on every project of ours, as nothing is ever plagiarised.

F5 Weddings

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#2. What kind of wedding planning services do you provide?

Right from consulting and designing an event to coordinating and implementing it, we provide our services in everything. Be it the venue’s theme, logistics, décor, guest service, entertainment and artist management or anything else, you name it and we do it.

#3. What is the USP of F5 Weddings? How is it different from its competitors?

Well, our biggest USP is that nothing done by us for a client is ever plagiarised. Additionally, we go to the extent to become a part of the families we work for, and make them absolutely tension-free by doing everything on our own. We, as a company believe in working around client’s budgets and guide them in their decisions. And, that is what sets us apart from others.

#4. How many weddings have you organised so far? How many weddings do you plan in a year? And, what things do you keep in mind while choosing your clients during the peak wedding season?

We have done close to 50 weddings in four years, so that is about 12 weddings a year.

As far as choosing a client is concerned, it actually works the other way round. We like to be picked by our clients because once they know you and understand your style; it is easy getting along since we are all on the same page. A client is a family, and seasons hardly matter.

F5 Weddings

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#5. What are the latest décor trends and colours in the Indian weddings?

Well, naming the hottest ones, we would say:

  • For mehendi functions, 'fiesta theme' with a pool party
  • For sangeet, the 'awards night'
  • Garden themes
  • White weddings
  • Red carpet night
  • 'Great gastby theme' for a cocktail night

#6. These days, we see a lot of western wedding trends being infused in the Indian weddings. What are the trends in wedding décor that you love experimenting with?

Talking about our favourite elements from the western weddings, we love to add the following in the Indian celebrations:

  • Vintage
  • White wedding (Bride walking the aisle with bridesmaids)
  • Country side wedding
  • Forest wedding

F5 Weddings

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#7. Indian weddings are now all about “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”! Tell us about some wedding entertainment trends and ideas that are making a wave in the industry right now? Also, what are the things that a couple should keep in mind while choosing entertainment services for their wedding?

Nowadays, it is about two types of entertainment in the weddings:

a) Interactive entertainment: It includes live games, team building activities, etc., where guests can themselves be involved in and have a gala time.

b) Visual Entertainment: Includes live musicians, performers, Bollywood celebs, LED acts, shadow acts, etc.

As wedding planners, we suggest couples to budget well and play as per the call of the theme.

#8. Destination weddings are quite a rage right now. What advice would you give to the couples who are planning for a destination wedding? What are the things they keep in mind before finalising a destination?

Here goes the list:

a) Time it right: The time of the year they are getting married plays an important role to choose the destination for their dream wedding.

b) Choose a planner: When planning a celebration from far away, you will definitely need a package or a wedding planner familiar with the area. Going with a planner will help you to personalise your wedding to your tastes.

c) Pick the spot: The location of your wedding determines not only the mood (rustic, sophisticated, vintage, etc.), but also the travel, time and budget required to pull it off. So, if you really want your guests to have an awesome time at your special day, then not just the location, but also all other elements of your wedding should say something about your personal style.

d) Guests come first: Get a grip on the approximate number of guests you will invite before settling on a venue.

F5 Weddings

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#9. Are destination weddings always a luxury affair? Can someone with a limited budget think about going for a destination wedding?

Yes, one can think of a low-budget destination wedding. Here is how:

  • Limit your guests list (have only close family and friends).
  • Choose the destination and hotel wisely.
  • Prefer low-season time to get married as it will get you a better rate.

#10. Your website says that your team also organises, 'Proposal Ideas'. Throw some light on that. Also if you have organised any such proposal, can you share its details with us?

There was this wedding we did in Alibaug for an NRI couple. Now, this wedding saw it all, right from receiving guests with garlands and dhol, to having a rave mehendi ceremony. The groom wanted a very romantic ring exchange ceremony, and ultimately what he did left all the guests teary-eyed. He wanted to propose to her in the presence of all the guests. The idea was to keep it pure and simple, so we decided to take it to the outdoors. Keeping in mind to maintain the look of the natural beauty, we created a 30-feet long flower bed aisle with paper bag lanterns creating a passage for the bride. And at the other end, we hung a huge cut-out of their initials where the two were supposed to exchange the rings. The groom did a flash dance proposal to the tunes of the song, Tum Mile, as the bride entered walking towards him from the other side. The entire event was the epitome of elegance and love.

F5 Weddings

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#11. Also, tell us a bit about Wedding Insurance (another service that F5 Weddings offers). This is something that Indians do not really find themselves thinking about when it comes to weddings. So, what is it and why should couples go for it?

Wedding insurance financially protects you from any misfortune or mishaps. Now, with the average cost of weddings rising, Wedding Insurance is more of a necessity. These insurances generally cover weather, illness, luggage in case of destination weddings, clothing, missing vendors, gifts, etc. Well, you would never buy a new car that costs a fortune without insuring it against damage, would you? The same logic goes behind going for a wedding insurance!

#12. Usually, it is the cost factor that keeps most of the soon-to-be married couples away from hiring a wedding planner. What is your suggestion for such couples who are budget conscious when it comes to hiring a planner for their wedding?

It is a myth that hiring a wedding planner is expensive. If you want everything to be perfect for your wedding, and that too hassle-free, it is always better to hire a professional. They would help you manage your budget better and also take care of all the miniscule details, which you would otherwise miss while looking at the bigger picture.

F5 Weddings

#13. What according to you are the most important things a soon-to-be married couple must keep in mind before hiring a wedding planner? Would you like to suggest them a few questions that they must ask them in their first meeting?

The most important thing to ask in your first interaction is the kind of big and small services provided by the planner. Also, you need to feel the connection once you start conversing with them. The confidence of rejecting or accepting an idea or suggestion should come at ease. And, once you have established a friendly relationship, the flowers get bigger, the band plays longer and the vendors do not really charge for that little extra. It is all about building relationships, we believe.

#14. In the end, are there any other tips that you would like to leave for all our soon-to-be married readers?

Here are our quick tips for all soon-to-be married couples:

  • Choose and block your destination well in advance, and choose the venue wisely.
  • Thereafter, book your wedding planner soon.
  • Prioritise your needs.
  • Budget it out.
  • It is important to be practical and not go overboard on your wedding.
  • Be the centre of attraction. Preferably, do not have celebrity performances on the day of your wedding, because it will completely steal your thunder. Keep all such activities for your pre-wedding functions.
  • Plan wisely and make a countdown calendar that lists items that should be taken care of month-wise. This will help you prioritise your responsibilities.
  • Do not forget to divide responsibilities. Even if you are a perfectionist who likes to do everything on their own, make sure family and friends are given specific tasks, so that everyone can work towards a common goal with your wedding planner.
F5 Weddings
Image Courtesy: Richa Kashelkar Photography via F5 Weddings

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Quick Five:

Summer weddings or winter weddings- your pick?

Winter weddings

F5 Weddings

Monsoon weddings- disaster, challenge or perfect?

Challenging yet perfect! It is all about planning everything well.

Your ideal destination wedding location – in India and outside?

In India: Udaipur

International: Oman at present

For you, weddings are?


What makes Indian weddings complete?

Hiring a professional!

F5 Weddings

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Well, we hope you got some really valuable insights through this interview. So, start early and hire a planner as soon as possible to turn your dream wedding into a reality!

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