Influencer Claims Orry Avoided Shaking Hands With Her At Event, He Labels Her As 'Sly And Shameless'

Recently, an influencer uploaded a reel where she talked about an incident involving the internet sensation, Orry. She mentioned that he refused to shake hands with her.


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Influencer Claims Orry Avoided Shaking Hands With Her At Event, He Labels Her As 'Sly And Shameless'

Orhan Awatramani, aka Orry, has become a popular name on social media. The influencer, socialite, and BFF of most Bollywood Gen Z stars often grab the limelight for his unique one-liners and OTT fashion sense. Nowadays, Orry is seen at every other award ceremony, talk show, and B-town party, and most people want to click a picture with the internet sensation striking his iconic pose. Recently, Orry attended the star-studded Femina Beautiful Indians 2024 award show, and an incident from the night has been going viral.

An influencer recalls how Orry refused to shake hands with her

An influencer named Ruchika Lohiya took to her Instagram account and shared some of the moments in the form of a reel from the same awards show. At the beginning of the video, Ruchika tagged the event as a glamorous one, and talked about seeing some of the stars from her childhood on the red carpet. As the video proceeded, she mentioned that everything went a bit downhill as she tried to approach Orry. Ruchika said that after seeing the social media sensation, she went to greet him and Orry reciprocated as well. 

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Further, Ruchika even praised Orry for being the way he is. Later his manager came in and asked him not to click any pictures with her. Moreover, when Ruchika wanted to shake hands with Orry, he refused to do so and instead, gave her a fist bump. She said that everyone around them saw this, and she felt embarrassed. However, Ruchika added that after this incident, she was impressed by Race 3 actress, Daisy Shah’s act of kindness while they were talking to the media.

Orry responds to the influencer’s viral reel

After Ruchika’s reel went viral, Orry took the matter into his own hands and responded to the post. He mentioned in his comment that he didn’t know her properly, and wasn’t aware of what germs she was carrying. Furthermore, Orry said that Ruchika surpassed his security and even disrespected his manager, but still, she got a friendly fist bump from him. Replying to one of the comments from another influencer, Orry has also mentioned filing a defamation lawsuit against her. In Orry’s words:

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Netizens have mixed reactions to the viral reel

While a section of the online community has come forward to support Ruchika, others questioned why she had to meet Orry in the first place. However, a segment of people also thought that what Orry did was completely fine as she was a stranger to the internet sensations. One user said, “Event full of stars yet you went to Orry?” Another one wrote, “I don't understand why people give so much importance to Orry.” A third commentator mentioned, “I don’t know why people in Bollywood are mad about Orry. You are above him. I would love to click photos with you and meet you.”

Check out the video here.

What are your thoughts on this incident related to Orry? Let us know.

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