How To Write RSVP


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How To Write RSVP

Many a times you may have stumbled upon the words “RSVP” on wedding invitations. Have you ever wondered as to what the abbreviation stands for? Well! Technically speaking it is an acronym for the French phrase “Respondez S’il Vous Plait”, which when translated, means “Respond if you please”.  During earlier days, people never used RSVP cards along with their wedding card invitations and hence others would respond using their own stationary, offering wishes and stating whether or not they will attend the marriage.

However, in today’s fast paced lifestyle it has become almost customary to slip in a response card with a formal invitation, requesting the guests to RSVP either through emails, telephone, or those cards. But, what should a RSVP card say? Or what is the proper etiquette for wording wedding RSVP’s?

Preparing your Response Cards

There is no perfect way to write a response card, but you have several ways of addressing the issue. Except for the most casual marriages, where the hosts might requests the guests to RSVP by phone, almost all the basic invitations should include a small card that guests can use to RSVP. Your cards should generally include blank lines where invitees can write their names and the number of people attending. Also vital is the date by which the notes are required and pre-stamped envelopes to make it easier to respond.

Some words of advice

It’s totally acceptable and normal to contact any person who is more than a week tardy in delivering his RSVP notes, just in order to confirm your total headcount. It is always recommended to be prepared- that someone will always delay in replying and there shall always be some last minute cancellations and modifications to your wedding plan.

Etiquette that should be followed by the guests

It will be highly appreciated if you are able to respond within the mentioned time frame on the wedding cards. It is the right thing to do and will save the bride and groom a lot of headache. Moreover, if you need to alter your RSVPs or make cancellations, always let your hosts know as soon as possible.

Also equally important is adhering to your statement. Take for instance this: giving a positive reply in the RSVP card and not attending the marriage would create a very wrong impression. Only certain inevitable situations like serious illness and sudden demise of a close relative can be excused.

Lastly, choose your words right

The words that you choose to write shall depend on your personal preferences and how formal the wedding is. It’s usually a smart idea to look online and browse samples of the phrasings other couples have incorporated in the past.


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