How To Set Your Wedding Budget


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How To Set Your Wedding Budget

Wedding planning can be difficult. Most brides tend to go overboard with the actual wedding, the pre-wedding celebrations and post wedding celebrations resulting in a huge bill after the wedding. As a precaution, take the time to sit down and discuss the actual wedding cost with all the parties involved. Here is how you can go about it the right way.

Step 1- Talk to all the contributing parties

You as the bride might not be able to pay all the wedding bills yourself. That means your parents and the grooms parents will be contributing to the cost. Before you actually plan the wedding, sit down and talk expenses with them both. This will give you an idea of how much you can spend and which party is contributing how much.  

Step 2- Use online tools and divide the budget

Take a look at online planning tools where you will get an accurate idea of the different aspects of a wedding. Now that you already have the total amount that each party is contributing, divide up the tools according to the different part of the wedding arrangements. For example,

  • Ceremony 3% of the total budget
  • Reception 48% of the total budget
  • Attire and trousseau 10% of the total budget
  • Rings and jewelry 12% of the total budget
  • Music, Photography, and Transportation 32% of the total budget
  • Stationary 6% of the total budget

These are just basic percentages to decide the budget division but you can do it according to what you want to focus on.

Step 3- Track your finances

As you keep selecting wedding vendors, you will have to pay each one an advance to finalize their services. Track these advances on a spreadsheet or an excel sheet or just write it down. This will let you know immediately how much you are spending on each part of the wedding.

Step 4- Bargain and negotiate

Don’t forget to negotiate a good deal with every vendor though and you should get value for your money

It’s your wedding and you should have fun. Remember that each thing that you finalize is a step towards a wonderful wedding.

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