How To Save A Troubled Relationship With Tarot?


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How To Save A Troubled Relationship With Tarot?

Marriages can be fraught with problems and so do relationships. Sometimes, couples wonder what made them fall in love in the first place. But no matter what you are going through right now, it’s your duty to give your relationship a second chance with whatever you can. If you are a believer in Tarot, you should use it to help your relationship.

How to proceed?
Get in touch with a trained psychic who can take a look at your relationship. For the best results, most psychics will use the Rider-Waite Tarot cards deck for getting your special reading. You can do a traditional reading, or you can ask for a new spread for each question that you have in mind about your relationship. A two-five card layout is the best to visualize your relationship and how it will work out.

What to watch out for?
When you find that you are getting many Sword Cards, its time to be careful. This usually indicates problems that are already present in a relationship. Sword cards represent cold logical reasoning and they represent a lack of communication in a relationship that is contributing to problems. Be very careful of the 3 of swords, the 7 of swords and the 5 of swords; all of which suggest confrontations and fights, sneakiness or cheating by a partner, and fights about petty things. A reversed Empress card is also not good. This indicates that the male partner has simply stopped viewing his partner as attractive and he probably has someone else on his heart and mind. A reversed Emperor card is also not good at all. It indicates a person who is irresponsible and who has a tendency to lose his temper very fast. Death cards are also very variable. They can indicate a change in the relationship towards good or bad.

Please do take the time to work out your relationships. Although Tarot is very powerful in the right hands, it's still a deck of cards. Do what you can to save your relationship. After all you loved him at one time and you can with a little effort remind him of it! 


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