How To Reuse Your Wedding Outfit


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How To Reuse Your Wedding Outfit

The idea of reusing your wedding attire is on the onset of a new curve, more so amongst the Indian brides. While some brides stay ensnared in the traditional norm of preserving every article related to their wedding, others agree to display a creative bone. Whether you belong to the former or latter, here are some handpicked ideas to make you go ‘wow’!

His & Her Collection

Pack your wedding dress in a shadowbox to decorate the place where friends meet, family gathers and love grows – your home which is a pivot of your life. Transform your unused outfit into a priceless art that will reignite beautiful memories every single time you look at it. You can also mix and match different items from your wedding like your husband’s tie, some pretty bangles, your favourite wedding shoe etc. to create a montage of that special day. No matter how many ugly patches you go through…the warm colours, contemporary Indian textures and an impressive aesthetic sense from your wedding incorporated into your home can makeup for it.  

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Treasure Trove

A wedding outfit doesn’t just adorn your body. It beautifies you inside and out on your most special day. So, keeping your outfit in that trunk or the loft not only dampens the dress, but also its spirit.  In tune with Indian tradition, allow your wedding attire to create a lineage. Let a cousin wear the dress for her wedding or sew some pieces of it to make her dress. If you have a baby on the way, take out pieces from your dress and your husband’s to make a blanket for the little one. A symbol of your love can adorn another special part of your life, always telling your unforgettable story!

The Reuse Effect

A wedding dress can’t be worn at any other time or day just like before. But, there is a way to put it into a more casual use. Try minor tweaking here and there that can let you enjoy your outfit again. Transform the lehenga into an anarkali suit or sari. If it’s a sari, then try draping it differently with a new blouse. Wear this for the next close wedding or your anniversary date to remind you of the happiest day of your life. There can never be a dull moment if you keep experimenting with your wedding attire.

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Share the charm

You may not be impressed with the intention of preserving your dress for your daughter or daughter-in-law because you think their preferences would change with time. If you are also not willing to make a keepsake out of your beautiful attire, then we suggest you donate it. There are many less privileged girls out there who dream of wearing beautiful bridal lehenga. Allow that dress to add bling to someone else’s day.

Shoot It!

If you really like your wedding dress, then create everlasting memories in quirky photo shoots wearing that outfit. Wear it as many times doing different things whether it is in the mud or at the beach. Once you wear it for such photography sessions, then you give up your dress forever. There is no need to preserve it because the photographs will speak a million words always.

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We leave you to ponder over these ideas, and decide for yourself! And if you have more creative ideas on reusing the wedding outfit, share it with us in the comments section.


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