How To Organise A Village-Themed Wedding Perfectly


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How To Organise A Village-Themed Wedding Perfectly

New-age brides and grooms today want everything contemporary and chic, while choosing the venue, décor or even food for their wedding. If you too want to stand out from the crowd and add a dash of spice to your wedding affair, try a funky village theme. A rural makeover will not only go a long way to make your event personalised and fun, but will also leave your guests thrilled and basked in the Indian glory and culture.

So, here we go with our desi ideas that you can incorporate for that countryside feel to your event.

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#1. Invitation

It is said that one can judge the wedding by its invitation. So, why not present the whole story through an incredible and unusual invitation card. Give those usual invites a miss and opt for a village-themed card to make your D-day extra special. Your guests will surely love the wedding card wrapped in a rustic charm. The key materials that you can infuse in your creativity are earthy colours (red, yellow, brown), traditional templates, ethnic gotas and laces.

#2. The venue

The venue grabs maximum eyeballs and makes your wedding a much-talked about affair. So, reflect your extravaganza with a setting that’s soothing and tranquil. Synchronise your ambience with charpais (cots), artificial trees, grass mats and wooden benches, which can easily transform your space into a village hub. You can also create the feel of rural India with mud walls, matkas, bangle decoration and pebble floors. Waiters dressed in ethnic and colourful Dhoti-kurtas will also add to the rustic mood. You may also have a trademark truck (real or just the structure) parked inside for that typical village look.

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#3. Entertainment unlimited

Fun and entertainment never fail to impress the guests. So, take the amusement factor over-the-top with chooriwalas and mehendiwalas seated inside the venue. You can also have hookah bars and puppet shows to resemble the set straight out of a rural setting. You can have a small folk dance program like garba, to enhance the grace of the occasion. Your relatives will just fall in love with the eye-catching village vibes all around. Apart from the feel, the free activities will be an added bonus.

#4. Décor

Ditch those fancy hangings, streamers and centrepieces. Let the people experience the freshness and warmth of a typical village. Use dhol, tree trunks, rusted lanterns, bamboo modhas hanging puppets and other ethnic decoratives to reflect the vibrant culture of a rural site.

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Colourful earthen pots, clay pieces and dim-lit bulbs are also a good choice to add liveliness and zing to your decor. An entirely village-style wedding will give a vivid feel and will come as a surprise to everyone.

#5. The desi treat

Another fabulous thing to excite your guests is food. Diving into the desi delights will give them a fair idea of how it’s back in villages. So, have them served the warm and local flavours like Makke ki roti, sarson da saag, Indian pickles, jaljeera and kulfis in Kullhad. The ‘lassi’ and ‘thandai’ stations and ‘paan’ stall too will fall in line with a real village setup. You can also be innovative with your cutlery and glassware. Get the delicacies served in big, heavy plates and copper glasses, just the way they are in rural areas of Punjab and Rajasthan.

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#6. Music

Push the whole concept of a rural setting a little over the edge with the right kind of music. Try the mesmerising mix of folk songs suited to a local lifestyle. Few songs that will undeniably create a folk village background at your event are Banna-Banni tracks, Jag Ghumya Thare Jaisa (Sultan), Sufi music and of course, Kailash Kher’s earthy numbers. The soulful melodies blending with the traditional surroundings will create a magical realm, striking a chord with everyone.

#7. Giveaways

The return gifts fare as well when it comes to reflecting a certain style and feel. So, a village version of your wedding favours, giveaways or sweet-boxes will look distinctive and definitely score high. Saying ‘thank you’ to your loved ones with unique and expressive gifts will leave them cheerful and in high spirits. You can use Indian motifs and multitude of colours for wrapping up the gifts in an ethnic way.

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Sky is the limit when it comes to having an exclusive and quirky theme for your special day. However, an authentic village style decor, food and welcome can weave a magical world for you and your loved ones. An added innovation to an already colourful wedding will promise a gala time to your families and friends (with great pictures to cherish).


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