How To Choose Perfect Sehra For The Groom


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How To Choose Perfect Sehra For The Groom

A sehra is an important wedding accessory for the Indian groom. It is associated with the prestige and honour of the grooms. They are also expected to carry it with grace and élan. The sehra is also worn to protect the groom from “nazar” or the evil eye. In the olden days, sehras were worn only by royalty. However, things started changing and nowadays nearly every groom is seen wearing one.

The sehra can actually complete the groom’s look perfectly for the D-Day but only if chosen properly. There are different types of sehra worn all across India. So let us have a look at the two different types of sehras of India.

The Pagri

The sehra is commonly known as pagri in North India.

  • Rajasthanipagris are suited to fairer grooms as its vibrant colours like red and yellow,enhance the groom’s looks.
  • If you have a wheatish complexion then the North Indian pagris, which are commonly available in pink and red, will suit you best.

You can customize the pagri and add a string of pearls or semi-precious stones to give it a royal touch. The material of the pagri can be light cotton or even silk. If the groom likes then the pagri can be customized to match the outfits as well.

South Indian Sehra
The south Indian sehra is basically a veil made up of flowers. It entirely covers the groom’s face and he is not allowed to remove it till the wedding is over. Gold or silver lace is commonly used to bind the sehra together. Modern grooms are not hesitant to experiment a little and opt for embroidered silk bands.

How to choose the sehra?
So, now that you know about the types of sehra, it is time to choose one:

Floral Bliss: When it comes to the floral sehra, be careful while selecting the flowers. Many a time, the fragrance of the flowers can be so overpowering that the groom can start feeling dizzy. Many grooms also get a sneezing fit because of the presence of pollen grains in the sehra. So go for flowers, which have a mild fragrance.

Floral sehras need to look fresh. You would not want to walk around with wilted flowers. So, ask your designer to prepare it three hours before the wedding. Do not wear it on the way to the wedding but only when you are minutes away from the wedding hall.

Simple or Suave: When it comes to choosing the band that holds your sehra together, you can opt for embroidered cotton or silk band, which is studded with stones. If you believe in simplicity then opt for a satin band.

Fight for the right size: If you are planning to go for a pagri, remember to get the size right. Try it on a few days before the marriage. A tight fitting pagri can make you sweat heavily whereas the one that fits looselywill be difficult to handle. After all, you would not want your pagri to fall down when you are bending over for your in-law’s ashirwaad(blessings).

So these were a few tips to choose the perfect sehra for your wedding. Which sehra will you be wearing for your wedding? Let us know in the comments section.

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