Hermes' Heir, Nicolas Puech, Plans To Adopt His 51-Year-Old Gardener And Leave Him USD 11 Billion

Luxury brand, Hermes' heir, Nicolas Puech, has decided to adopt his 51-year-old gardener and leave him the entire USD 11 billion fortune.


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Hermes' Heir, Nicolas Puech, Plans To Adopt His 51-Year-Old Gardener And Leave Him USD 11 Billion

Nicolas Puech is the fifth-generation heir of the 1837-established French luxury brand, Hermes. The 80-year-old heir is unmarried and has no children of his own. Until 2014, Nicolas was active on Hermes's supervising board of directors, but later retired as the company's rival, LVMH, acquired 23% of Hermes' shares. He has bitter relations with his other family members and relatives who hold significant positions at Hermes, which has compelled the 80-year-old bachelor to choose someone out of his bloodline as his legal heir.

Sometimes in life, people tend to get closer to people outside their bloodline and then decide to trust them with their secrets. This is precisely what happened with Hermes' heir, Nicolas Puech. The billionaire has decided to not only legally adopt his 51-year-old gardener but also to give away his property and wealth to him and his family.

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Nicolas Puech has decided to adopt his 51-year-old gardener and pass his wealth to him

As per reports from Swiss and French media, the 80-year-old Hermes' heir, Nicolas Puech, has embarked on the legal adoption procedure. He wants to adopt his 51-year-old gardener and hand over his fortune to him as soon as possible. Nicolas's total wealth is estimated to be around USD 10.6 to 11.6 billion, along with a gigantic villa in Singapore and Morocco.

As per reports from Italian media outlet, Sky TG24, Nicolas Puech has already handed over his villa's key to his unnamed Moroccan gardener. The 51-year-old reportedly is a father of two kids and is married to a Spanish beauty. The entire family resides with Nicolas Puech. 

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The challenges in the way of Nicolas Puech for adopting his 51-year-old gardener 

It won’t be easy for Nicolas Puech to adopt his 51-year-old gardener. The billionaire is currently a resident of Swiss, where the adoption law states that one can only adopt an adult if they have at least spent a year as a minor (before 18 years of age) with the potential guardian. To add more to the challenge, Nicolas, in 2011, signed a deal with the Geneva-based Isocrates Foundation, stating that he would hand over his fortune to them upon his death.

Let us know your views on Nicolas Puech’s decision to adopt and hand over his fortune to his gardener.

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