Here Is What Future Holds For Bollywood's Newlyweds Karan Singh Grover And Bipasha Basu


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Here Is What Future Holds For Bollywood's Newlyweds Karan Singh Grover And Bipasha Basu

2016 started with so many celebrity divorces, and then finally, we had Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu’s wedding celebrations to soothe our aching hearts! This adorable couple had stolen media’s attention by their amazing wedding photography and so-much-in-love expressions!

The entire Bollywood was excited about this big fat Bollywood wedding. Let us see what tarot cards say about the future of this bright couple in the years to come!

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I have divided the wedding spread into three parts: personal relationship, effect of marriage on career and long term goals in personal relationship.

#1. Personal relationship of the couple

The personal life of this newly-married couple will be a bed of roses. They will remain committed and loyal towards each other.

Karan’s cards:

In this area, Karan Singh Grover’s cards are very positive and indicating commitment towards love. His cards ensure a blissful period in his life.

Bipasha’s cards:

On the other hand, Bipasha is also madly in love and totally enjoying this moment and attention. The cards indicate a soulmate union and true love, bringing only happy times ahead!

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#2.Effect of marriage on career

The career of the couple will grow this year. Especially, Karan will witness a positive growth in his career.

Karan’s cards:

Karan Singh Grover’s cards suggest a surge in his professional life, leading to new heights of professionalism and added projects. This year will mark his standing in his career.

Bipasha’s cards:

Bipasha’s cards suggest a professional tie-up with a third party, with constant support of her spouse in terms of her career.

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#3. Long-term goals

While their personal life seems to be happy ahead, professionally it may not always remain this good!

Karan’s cards:

Karan’s cards suggest some legal matters ahead that might not solve easily. He will trust people easily which may not result very well in his professional life.

Bipasha’s cards:

Bipasha’s cards suggest that she may lose interest in her career or may also start a new production house, which may not prove to be very fruitful. She needs to be cautious while making decisions, as the cards do not seem to be in her favour!

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We wish loads of luck, happiness and prosperity to this good-looking couple! May they have a blessed married life ahead.

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