Unheard Health And Medical Benefits Of Miswak That Can Save You From Visiting A Dentist Ever


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Unheard Health And Medical Benefits Of Miswak That Can Save You From Visiting A Dentist Ever

Around 7000 years ago, Miswak was discovered and since then, it has only gained popularity as a natural toothbrush. Miswak holds an important place in Islam as they believe that the prophet himself used 'twigs made from the Arak tree'. If you love your morning walks, we are sure that you must have seen many people chewing Miswak stems. Coming from the tree of Salvadora Persica, Miswak has many important qualities which will encourage you to introduce it in your lifestyle.

Meet the twig

Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak is the twig of Salvadora Persica tree. It has numerous antibacterial qualities which make it a perfect alternative to the modern day toothbrush. WHO recommends the use of Miswak for a better oral hygiene. The extract of Miswak twigs has been documented to lower down microbial activities. Miswak combines the benefits of both, a toothbrush and a toothpaste. Kings and queens, including Cleopatra of Egypt, used this chewing stick in the ancient time. In Islam, it is advised to use Miswak twigs before going on a journey for better luck.

It gently takes care of your oral hygiene, protects you from a plethora of diseases and gives you a better skin. Miswak is a hidden gem with uncountable benefits.

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Properties of Salvadora Persica

Benefits Of Miswak

What makes Miswak a wonder herb are the active ingredients in it. It is not just any stem of a tress but full of various essential components like:

  •  Alkaloids
  • Silica
  • Calcium, Chlorides and Fluorides
  • Sulphur
  • Vitamin C
  • Resins
  • Tannins
  • Saponins, Flavonoids, and Sterols
  • Essential oils

Benefits of Miswak

Being antibacterial in nature, Miswak has various medicinal benefits. These twigs are hailed by all the dentists all over the world. Here are some of the health and medicinal benefits of Miswak:

#1. Whiter and stronger teeth

Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak has sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxide which helps in increasing the calcium and chloride while decreasing the pH level of saliva. While calcium and chloride help in strengthening of the teeth, a reduced pH level prevent demineralisation which makes teeth whiter.

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#2. Lowers chance of tooth decay

Benefits Of Miswak

Tooth decay is one of the most common issues that the modern world has given to us. With so many artificial flavoured food items available, even children are not immune from it. Miswak encourages the formation of saliva which creates a protective layer on the teeth. This keeps the bad bacterias away from your teeth, thus, lowering the chances of tooth decay.

#3. Removes plaque

Benefits Of Miswak

Plaque is a yellow buildup that forms on the teeth when bacterias grow and multiply. This yellow film is not only ugly to look at but can lead to a permanent loss of the tooth. While brushing can lower this build up, Miswak can eliminate it completely. Miswak not only brushes the plaque away but also stops further build-up of the bacterias.

#4. Eliminates chances of cavities

Benefits Of Miswak

Cavities are a result of bacterias feeding on the starch and sugar stuck in our teeth. These bacterias reach the teeth by destroying the natural enamel. With age, the enamel sheds naturally making your teeth more susceptible to cavities. With the regular use of Miswak, you can strengthen your enamel and keep cavities far away from your teeth.

#5. Fights bad breath

Benefits Of Miswak

Bad breath or halitosis can be an outcome of various problems like eating strong flavoured food, cavities, plaque and more. Since Miswak protects your teeth from all of these things, it keeps you away from bad breath too. It promotes saliva formation which also helps in protecting mouth against halitosis. Being a natural ingredient, Miswak leaves a sweet fragrance in your mouth.

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#6. Strengthens gums

Benefits Of Miswak

Gums are soft tissues around the teeth and it is very important to keep them in good health. If you feel that sharp sensation while eating hot and cold food then your gums are not in a good health. This sensation is often accompanied by swelling which causes gingivitis and periodontitis. If not taken care, this can become a painful and irreversible condition. However, Miswak can help you as it removes plaque, tartar and other bacterias.

#7. Antifungal

Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak can fight with numerous bacterias which makes it the best choice for oral hygiene. With its regular use, you can get rid of that stubborn fungal infection that doesn't seem to go away even after regular medication.

#8. Better looking gums

Benefits Of Miswak

The fibres of Miswak stem not only gives you stronger gums but also help give them that beautiful pink touch. While bristles of a toothbrush can be hard on the gums, Miswak regulates their blood circulation make them look cleaner and more beautiful.

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How to Use it

Benefits Of Miswak

Using Miswak is no rocket science. It is one of the easiest herbs to use.

  • Step 1: Get a stem of Miswak and clean it with water to remove any dust. Damping it in water softens the stem as well.
  • Step 2: Start chewing one end of the Miswak stem and work your way. Don't throw up the juices of the stem.
  • Step 3: After a while, you will see some fibres coming out. Use it the way you would use your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it.
  • Step 4: Do not use any toothpaste. Just brush your teeth with the fibres of the stem for as long as you want to.

Other Benefits of Miswak

Miswak is a multipurpose twig which makes it more than just the perfect toothbrush. It has numerous other health benefits which make it one-of-a-kind ayurvedic remedy.

#1. Cancer protection

Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak has benzyl isothiocyanate which is a chemotherapeutic agent. Along with that, it has various antioxidants which prevent our bodies from cancer.

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#2. Better digestion

Benefits Of Miswak

The leaves of Miswak tree have the astringent property which is why people in the Middle East and Africa consume them for better digestion. It is to be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning.

#3. Liver ailment

Benefits Of Miswak

The sweet fruit of Miswak has diuretic properties which are helpful in treating both stomach and liver. It can also be used for the treatment of piles and skin inflammation.

#4. Better periods

Benefits Of Miswak

The bark of Miswak tree can help you to regulate your menstrual cycle. Women with irregular periods should use the bark of the tree. It also helps in treating stomach ulcers and epilepsy.

#5. Pesticide

Benefits Of Miswak

The essential oil of Miswak has a sweet smell but not for the ticks and insects. They cannot stand its smell which makes it the safest pesticide and insect repellent.

#7. Reduces cholesterol

Green Coffee Benefits For Health

Miswak helps in reducing cholesterol and LDL plasma levels. This is an amazing added benefit which most of us need following our unhealthy eating habits.

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#8. Better skin

Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak has various antibacterial properties which make it one of the most sought-after ingredients of medicinal creams. You can apply a paste made of its leaves, fruit or bark if you have any kind of fungal infection on the skin.

#9. Anti-addiction

Benefits Of Miswak

Miswak has a sweet taste and smell which helps people to get over the cancerous habits of smoking. Its fragrance and taste will help you a lot.

Miswak is a wonder herb and there is no doubt about it. It gives you fresher breath, cleaner and stronger gums while keeping cavities at bay. With regular use of Miswak, you will never have any oral problem again. It makes your teeth stronger by protecting them against bacterial and fungal infection. Have a better skin and beautiful skin with the help of Miswak.

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