'Happy Bhag Jayegi' Fame Actress Diana Penty’s Off-Screen Health And Beauty Secrets


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'Happy Bhag Jayegi' Fame Actress Diana Penty’s Off-Screen Health And Beauty Secrets

She was the new girl at the box office but today she is everybody’s hot favourite achieving super-stardom with just two movies in her kitty- Cocktail and the recently released, Happy Bhag Jayegi and all with a seemingly natural ease. 

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Similarly, with no keep-fit regimen, low-maintenance beauty routine and without trying too hard, she pulls off great looks and an ultra-slim body. Let’s understand the approach of the cool girl to have such an amazing and effortless beauty persona.

Image Courtesy : Instagram

Image Courtesy : Instagram

All in the genes 

Diana claims she can eat what she likes without putting on weight because of her genes. Everyone in her family is lean and she too is born with a good body and flawless skin. Also, she has a high metabolic rate and a genetic tendency to adapt to a workout very quickly. However, it must take a lot for the leggy lass to maintain that flab-free body. Let’s see how the ultra-slim looks stay with her.

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Fitness module

Simple light-weight exercises

Image Courtesy : Twitter

Image Courtesy : Twitter

The dazzling beauty manages to keep herself toned with light-weight exercises. Her sweat-out sessions are not at all demanding and her training regimes are just two-three times a day. Activities as simple as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming are good enough for the lady to be healthy and peel those pounds off.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy : Instagram

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She revealed in an interview,

“I go to the gym four days a week, and focus on my upper body and lower body on alternate days. I also do a lot of free style exercises such as stretching and squatting. I don’t spend more than 45 minutes at a stretch”.

The dance spirit

Image Courtesy: Cocktail

Though her lifestyle demands her to hit the gym, she finds it boring at times and loves to work out with a good dance and music. Sultry actress takes to dance classes to work towards her health and fitness goals. She believes dancing to be quite fluid and graceful which increases her flexibility and stamina as well. Dance forms like Western free-style; Bharat Natyam and Kathak are her favourite and a fitness hack she can’t miss on. 

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This is what Diana shared,

“It’s also a good form of cardio for me—definitely more fun than walking on a treadmill. I do it twice a week for an hour-and-half each day. That is enough cardio for my body type.”

The diet disciple 

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy : Instagram

When it comes to diet; there is no self-discipline by the actress. It’s forced upon her by her health freak mother who restricts the kitchen cabinets to just healthy snacks. No aerated drinks, chips or chocolates for her; hence dieting comes to her by default and she ends up eating healthy. 

Meal plan 

A good breakfast completes her wellness routine. Her morning recipe includes a bowl of fruits which is later followed by eggs and brown bread. During lunch rice is the core of her meal plan, usually along with dal, chicken curry and vegetables. However, she substitutes white rice with the brown one. Chicken or cheese and tomato sandwiches are what she prefers during tea-time. She keeps her dinner light which comprises of some protein and vegetables and salad.  She just can’t detract herself from enjoying chips and chocolates. These guilty indulgences are her weakness.

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Beauty philosophy

Her funda is to be natural and confident for your own beauty to shine through.

This is how she describes beauty,

“For me, beauty is more internal than anything. I think it’s important to be confident, happy, at peace with yourself. And to be true to who you are. All this reflects on the outside. I don’t think there is any one thing that makes me feel beautiful. For me, feeling blissful is feeling beautiful. That comes from spending time with the people I love, being one with nature or listening to some really soulful music.”

She adds,

“Also I am not for typical, conventional beauty. You don’t have to be tall and have a conventionally pretty face. When you are comfortable in your own skin and do not try to fit, in that brings out a certain kind of radiance that you won’t get if you try to look like someone you are not.”

Overall skincare and beauty regimen 

Her easy and effortless beauty plan includes some obvious ones. She puts on a sunscreen before stepping out, uses minimal makeup and drinks lots of water to keep her body hydrated. Diana uses baby wipes to remove her makeup which she finds to be gentle on her skin. She always carries a good moisturiser and lip balm along and makes sure she sleeps sound.

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Diana says, 

“I follow the usual routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. And I make sure to drink a lot of water. Also, as a rule, I remove my make-up before going to bed.”

Hair care

For her lustrous locks, she believes in effective, deep conditioning treatment.

“I keep my hair-care regimen quite simple. Every couple of months, when I go to the salon for a trim, I get a protein treatment done. Apart from that, I need a shampoo and conditioner that nourish my hair because it tends to get dry, especially at the ends, with all the blow-drying and styling products that I have to use. For my hair, I have realised the importance of conditioning only in the last few years, so I make sure I condition my hair at least twice or thrice a week."

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What we learn from this bindaas babe is that you need not necessarily be a fitness fanatic to look good. It’s not mandatory to follow trendy workout and diet plan for that curvaceous looks. You must count on your good metabolism and body type and structure as your strengths. What’s important is to maintain the regularity and not go completely off your routine and diet.